Nuplazid approved by FDA for hallucinations and delusions

Nuplazid approved by FDA for hallucinations and delusions

Good news, at least for Parkinson's patients.  Not sure if this would work for the atypical diseases.  Maybe worth trying.  I have a call into our neurologist.  Kim has frequent hallucinations, but often they are at their worst when she has a UTI, but not always.  

Ketchupman (including an updated photo of me and my bride).  

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  • Where do I get a tee-shirt like yours?????

    Lots of love 


  • used to send you one if you made at least a $25 donation.  But they've stopped using these as some people apparently didn't like them.   As for me, I love it.  I wear it frequently out in public and get lots of questions from people wanting to know what PSP is.   Then I give them an earful.   :-)

    Love you right back!


  • A great photo.  I love the tee shirt.  I hate PSP as well......don't we all?


  • The word "hate" doesn't really do it justice.  I detest it.  I loathe it.   I want to send it to Hell for eternity.   Whew!  Glad I got that out of my system.  :-)


  • Perhaps you could design your own.  You'd probably have even more people to enlighten going out with a tee shirt with send PSP to Hell for eternity on it.  They will be asking you who PSP is.


  • Great photo, like the t-shirt.

  • Ketchup man: Thanks for sharing that great photo of you and your bride and that I HATE PSP t-shirt is right on!! This dan PSP is just terrible!


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