I am famous!!!

Anybody seen the new PSPA photo strip that comes across the top of the screen if you press something(don't know what!!,). Well my ugly mug is on there.  The first one, with me with my arm around S, wearing a spotty top!!!  It was taken at the last Friends and family day in Bristol.

No rude comments please, I was young once, before this blasted disease hit us!!!!

Lots of love


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  • Nice to put a face to the name x

  • Isn't it though?

  • Looking good x

  • Nice to see you 😊 x

  • Well I never!


    Agreed nice to put a name to the face 😀

  • Or a face to the name lol x

  • C'mon Heady... You can't get away with tha!

    Link please :)

    Big grins - PSP knocks hell out of thosae with it and the carers... But we are still we eh?

    Smiling - You do so much good here. I have read so many of your helpful posts.

    Now - Where's the link?



  • Press the bar at the top of the page that says PSP Association next to write a post. Hope you find it. It's a good picture.


  • Thanks - :)

  • Before I replied to Kevin I should have read your post it's obviously the place that Heady found her picture and is much quicker than my way.

  • Hi Kevin, try the following,  search for the PSPA site, enter 'Bristol family and friends day' in their search box and then click on the video and all will be revealed.  Heady's blue top with white spots is clear in three of the pictures starting with the back of her head!!  but I'm sure the one Heady refers to is twenty sixth (or thereabouts) from the left hand end.

    Hope that helps, Jerry.

  • Got it - Thanks :)

  • I Pressed 'My Communities' which is to the left of your name at top of page.

  • Thanks :)

  • Can I have your autograph?  It's a great photo, what a good looking couple you are!


  • Found it (Thanks NannaB)

    You both look great!

    Nice one :)

  • Top row left?

  • Yes, I'm the one wearing a spotty top!!!

  • When I am wearing a spotty top, I usually am covered with sprayed gravy!  You look lovely. Nice to meet you!

  • hahahahahaha thats was I was thinking....

    dads PEG just shooting contents all over....glad to see Heady's top is MUCH nicer than mine!


  • Lovely photo. You both look happy!


  • Lovely picture Heady, great to see you and S.  Love Maddy

  • Sit is so nice to put a face on the person, lovely picture Yvonne xxxxx

  • Lovely pic, and so nice to have faces to the names! I'd say your both doing well despite the psp! 

    Lots of love xxxx

  • Lovely photo, lovely couple! X

  • Heady lovely photo great to put a face to your name. xxx

  • Great photo Heady, one of the happier moments and may there be many more. K xx

  • I think I saw you Heady....You are beautifulllll! S is quite the dapper as well!

    Not only did you make it to the top, but to the head of the line as well.....May I take this moment to bow to your celebrity! What's next Heady?

     I know, coming to America and having tea with me....Hell no! lets go have a steak! BBQ Ribs, A big fancy anything at a big fancy restaurant....I haven't had one of those in YEARS!!!! Hahahahaha! Congrats girl!!


  • Maybe I could meet the President as well! On second thoughts, Steak and BBQ ribs with you, sounds much more fun!!!  S was very good looking when young, his first wife had that pleasure!  Me?  I got the grown up man, who knew what he wanted and had already achieved most of it, I was the icing on the cake!!!!  Hey, a girl can dream!

    Lots of love


  • Meant to ask "are you the dotty one?" Xx

  • Absolutely!!!

    Lots of love


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