Reading 'Last Dance At The Savoy'

Someone posted about the above book, interested I bought it last weekend and have to say it is hard to put down. Whilst the help resources etc listed are  mainly for people based in the US, the actual book itself is wonderful. There are snippets where I could think to myself that I was not imagining things and times when I could say yes I'm doing that so maybe I'm not failing as much as I thought and am being a bit hard on myself. I have been able to read passages to my husband showing that another person has been trying to get their husband to do the same things - e.g. reminding him to take much smaller portions on his fork when eating. 

I highly recommend this book, if only for the interest in PSP and the confirmation that we are all doing our best and are feeling the same things.

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  • Reading it as well really good xxxxx

  • Totally agree.


  • I am reading it at the moment and although I can't identify with the lifestyle they have, the latter part of the book is more based on the reality faced by PSP suffers and their carers and the challenges that have to be faced up to. An interesting read. 

  • The lifestyle and, I thought, a little self-promotion were interesting to get past, but, I did and very much enjoyed the book!!!

  • I've just started to read it and I feel I could have written it myself apart from the lifestyle as Kate has said! xx

  • My thoughts exactly, doesn't it make you feel better to know what you are experiencing is actual and you are not on your own x

  • I am going to have to get it!

    Lots of love


  • I think its a must and should be linked to the PSP Association website.

  • Mine is on order, waiting for it to arrive!

    Lots of love


  • Oh Yes, Different country and different financial situation but still the familiar problems.This book should be compulsory reading for carers who come in to a PSP blighted home.Px

  • an  dettyng it tomorrow.  love, Alice

  • I've never been a very big reader, but I'm really enjoying this one.  I had heard she was an actress, but never dreamed she was a part of an old "dark" soap opera that I used to love as a kid, "Dark Shadows".   I can definitely relate to a lot of their experiences with PSP.


  • I just ordered it.  It looks very interesting and I will also read passages like you have. Thank you for suggestion.

  • Hope you enjoy the book, yes enjoy although about PSP it gave me a wonderful big hug. Reading the passages has been beneficial to me and he has on occasions asked me to re-read the information

  • I also highly recommend!!! Just finished it this afternoon - it was an easy read and hard to put down for me ,as well :)

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