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Low Glutathione

"Low glutathione levels have been associated with neurodegenerative diseases such as 

MS (Multiple Sclerosis), ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease, among others." The Lancet 344: 796-798, 1994

Strange how PSP and CBD are missing from this list and have to listed 'among others'.

Still I have started my wife (CBD) on 500mg of glutathione daily and taking it myself too, prevention better than cure.

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I've been giving 500mg ( caps) to my sister for a few years now , three times a day . This is in addition to CoQ10 capsules (600mg each ) 3 X daily and Ubiquinol 200mg once a day at bedtime. The rationale is to try and get large am'ts of antioxidants into the body as studies have found that this appears to slow down the progression of PSP in certain cases. 

Actually, these and other antioxidants are recommended by many knowledgeable Dr's for pts. dealing with many different kinds of chronic illness. Plus as you mentioned , 'healthy' adults are also finding out about the benefits of antioxidants. There are also many different foods that have antioxidant properties, but many ill people aren't able to eat a normal diet or obtain the higher levels of antioxidants from their diets.


Thanks for info, I'll look into upping the dosage to 3x day. The CoQ10 apparently is better taken with black pepper.

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The best combo is glutathione, coq10, vitamin c and alpha lipoic acid. They work synergistically apparently. I get the coq10 separately. I also have Curcumin tabs and high absorption resveratrol. I get them all from pureclinica on Amazon. Good bulk deals. My dad takes all of these.

Another antioxidant is astaxanthin usually found in high quality krill oils. I take it alongside a decent cod liver oil supp. I take these. 

And I just bought some high strength serrapeptaze for pain relief in the mornings. 250,000 ui. For my dad.

Something else to consider is magnesium deficiency. 

Also look into BMAA toxicity at they are doing trials on ALS patients with l-serine. 

Also look into baking soda to treat Uti, diahorrea, low ph etc.


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Thanks for that info, some more homework to study....

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