Hey guys

Been so busy recently, haven't had a chance to come on the forum, hope you all are doing ok.

Quick question, can anyone recommend a good waterproof mattress protector for incontinence problems. A protector that also is waterproof around the sides of the mattress not just on top. I did a check online before, some people complained of certain protectors making the bed too hot, like not breathable, which put me off buying one because it made it all complicated and I was too tired to think lol

btw its a king size bed and we are in the UK.

now I have to google how to clean a mattress, dads wee went right through the one we bought from Sainsburys. Im thinking of just taking the mattress into the garden and hosing it down, but that would probably take forever to dry since its not hot out and would that make the insides all rusty?

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  • Here is what I'd do for my Dad with PSP: I'm in the US and anytime a USED mattress is sold here in thrift stores, I believe it's a law they have to have the mattresses sterilized. So maybe call around some thrift stores or dry cleaners to ask if they know of where to have a mattress sterilized. I'm like you, I'd be afraid of rust and taking a long time to thoroughly dry, then you could have a mildew problem. And have you googled the mattress protector? Make sure you get one that has the fabric sewn to the top of the plastic, that helps absorb the 'accidents' but it can be thrown in the washing machine. (Would it be possible to put a small quiet fan near him on low if the pad makes the bed hot?) May I ask, are you using adult diaper type garments yet and if so, check into also using guards which look a little like a kotex but hold a lot of urine. There are also disposable large pads that lay on the bed or chair beneath the person, they look a lot like doggie pee pads that you lay on the floor. We do all these things and he also uses a plastic handheld pee bucket when possible but it's gradually over time become less likely he'll be able to hold back until the bucket and he are ready. Ask all the questions you want, it's a lot to digest at different points in the progression of the disease. The people here are all VERY kind and know more about psp than most doctors. Be blessed.

  • Hiya

    If I were you I'd get on to the neuro team and demand a hospital bed!

    We have one now, it's not ugly!!

    Pine headboard and the end is pine too

    The mattress is brilliant

    Doesn't matter how many times it gets wet you just wipe it over and replace new sheet

    We have to do this about 4 times a week

    It's a pressure reducing replacement mattress by harvest healthcare

    Don't buy one! Get the neuro team to supply the bed, it also has a remote control and goes up and down and the head comes right up

    I'll try and attach a pic


    You may need to fight for the bed, I did

  • Might depend on where you live. We were offered a hospital bed and it was delivered within a week. Solves the problems and the head raising is really useful.

    Love, Jean x

  • Hi, yes it's a real drag. We have got one where it's waterproof on the top, but not on the sides. I use a disposable pad under the protector, for the sides. Or else put a bed pad that is washable. I have one of those under S has well! Now thankfully, those days are over. He has a Catether fitted. Changed my life, but S does have a few problems with it.

    Lots of love


  • Hi heady

    Would you mind telling me about the problems with it please?

    Dad is finally considering getting one x

  • Well there a big risk for infection. When they first put it in, the bag was full of blood for the first 24 hours. S is having a few niggles with his penis, the end was sore, now his foreskin is very swollen. Monday's challange! I know people have problems, with it falling out or getting blocked. We haven't experienced those YET!!! He is on antibiotics at the moment, for a possible UTI, DR didn't think he had one, but his urine had an awful smell, since before the Catether went in, that has now gone. S did NOT want one put in, but I did rail road him a bit, with the help of the DN. The benefits are enormous, as far as I am concerned. No wet bed in the morning! No constant visits to the loo, only to get there too late! No expensive pads to buy, that never seen to hold anything, bar a couple of drops! Basically, I do not have to worry about his bladder anymore. Just have to remember to empty the bag every few hours. ( Oh and close the valve!!!). Of course, his movement is suffering, because he doesn't move as much, but that has being going downhill anyway, hence the need for the catether!

    This is the first time in three years, that I haven't had to worry about S needing to pass urine. Life would be great, except for all the other little problems that PSP throws at you!!! (Washing machine very happy!)

    Lots of love


  • Wow that's a s**t load of issues with it then!

    Thank you for all the info though, much appreciated


  • Have you considered the convene system. Very effective and without most of the problems associated with catheters. Of course not everyone can use them but they are excellent if he can.


  • Yeah we tried without success


  • Forgive me if I  am telling you something you already know, but I had no success with a convene until I used proper soap for washing before applying one.  Then drying with a towel, followed by wrapping penis in a kitchen towel for a few seconds and after using an adhesive spray. The soap and the paper towels do make a difference. Sounds  a lot,  but I can do one in no time now and it's changed our lives. X 

  • Wow

    Thx u!!

  • If you haven't done it already I'd hire a steam cleaner(carpet cleaner) to clean the mattress

    Good luck


  • I agree with Satt2015, ask the neuro team for a hospital bed. The mattresses are covered in a rubber material which is so easy to clean..... without the special bed, I wouldn't be able cope with caring for my husband.It really is brilliant!

    Good luck

    D x

  • I found 'Kylie' sheets a great help, in addition to the hospital bed and incontinence pants. One other advantage to having a hospital bed is that they are suitable for air 'ripple' mattresses that help avoid pressure sores.

    Best wishes, Jerry.

  • Sorry to hear about your dads issues Mustafa. We tried two types of hospital bed for mum, both plastic covered and one meant to be memory foam type stuff but she hated them both! And tbh they smelt very plasticy and weren't comfortable. We ended up buying mattress from premier inn as have topped mattresses that are so comfortable to encourage sleep. Then I have mums alarmed mat on top, then a sheet over that then a terry toweling waterproof sheet later I got from Argos. It's not that expensive and isn't as plasticky as some others as top is towelling. It covers sides of mattress too. Then we have another sheet on top of that. Although I must say mum rarely has bad accidents in bed. She wears continence knickers to bed to absorb any accidents and has commode next to bed. I also intermittently catheter her so her bladder is empty at bed times. All of these products should be available via NHS. I self referred mum to a continence advisory service and they were great at helping with all this !

  • We have recently been supplied with an air mattress and it's made such an improvement to his bottom

    Nag the d nurses

  • I am now waiting for one for his armchair

  • Try Victoria Linen. (UK)

    They do a great waterproof protector which does not feel plastic. It wraps arropnd the mattress too.

    Best to you.

  • Hi Mustafa. Have you enquiries about a hospital bed, ask whoever comes round to help you like social workers, adult social care, district nurses, you may have to get your doctor to refer you, that's what I did, they may also be able to get you pads etc delivered to you every couple of weeks free.

    Lots of love H xxxx

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