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Mike my husband has been dx. 2012

Current state still working on dopamine. To much dementia and or hallucinations, to little the same except he stays out of trouble.

I'm seeing far more signs in the last 4 months, needs 24hr care. Feeling frustrated with this disease, dam if you do or don't. ...he has 1to2 hrs. when he takes for dressing and food, then 1to2 hrs. p.d.attacks.

Does anyone have the same?

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Sorry to hear that, my mum was diagnosed in 2012 too, I don't see her too much as she's two hours away but she's not too far away now from needing more care.

I don't know wha pt you mean by a pd attack sorry but just wanted to say hey, you're not alone


I do not understand PD "attacks". My husband has CBD and I have PD but neither have attacks. Bill is still at home being hoisted in and out of bed. No life at all but he is usually calm and I can still make him smile and, on a good day, laugh. He does know me so it could be worse. just remember the good things.

love Kathie


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