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Beetroot, nitrates and the brain


Brain function and age related neurological problems

Ingesting beetroot juice increases blood flow to the brain, which in older adults is very important, and may help in halting the progress of dementia. It also improves cognitive (mental) functioning.

In studies it was found that blood flow to the frontal lobes of the brain in older people improved in as little as four (4) days. The frontal lobes of the brain are the part involved in dementia and reduced mental functioning – and is a critical part of the brain.

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Thanks for sharing. I will have to do more research and consider this for my wife, who is having more and more dementia. But of course the main issues with PSP is due to the Supranuclear, which is found in the lower part of the brain. But it's all hooked together and may be worth a shot. Thanks!


Check out my post abou BMAA and l-serine. Don't delay.

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