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Merry Christmas from Santa's birthplace

Well our guests arrived Tuesday evening and are now on their second day out while I stay home for a little peace. Chris has not been good the past few days and one of the visiting toddlers is also poorly with heavy cold, and she's the birthday girl on Monday so we are all willing her to recover. But how wonderful to have the house full and lots of helping hands. Today C is at day care so I am blissfully alone and can finally get knitted gifts pressed, buttons sewn on and wrapped. Then relax with new novel brought from UK and fresh pot of coffee, by roaring log fire - it's been roaring non-stop for the past few days. Sun is shining outside but without the fire it's cold inside. Really feeling blessed with all these shining 30-somethings and their kids rallying round like this. So I do hope you will all have a good Christmas, a group photo is planned here on beach tomorrow afternoon which I will post. Chris has a new ChrIstmas hat to wear for the beach trip, currently wrapped under tree. I hear the washer clicking off so must go, the laundry doesn't stop for Christmas. Cheers.

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What a lovely cheery Christmas post. Your day sounds as if it is going to be blissfull. All our 30 somethings and offspring arriving tomorrow so I'd better get on and finish the wrapping, oh, and the laundry.



Oh I can feel the warm fire; even though it's 60 out , fire feels good! It sounds like you are having a wonderful time of it May the rest of your time together be wonderfully shared!



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