Panic Attack

Have any of you hard- working carers had panic attacks? I am assuming that is what they are. I feel violently sick and feel as if I am going to faint. ( Usually, it is just the sickness bit.) I had a really bad one a couple of weeks ago, when several things happened, (nothing to do with my husband's illness) , which put more pressure on me and my body reacted badly to it. I managed to deal with it, sitting down, deep breaths etc. but it is scary and puts me out of action for a short while. Has anyone experienced these? Has anyone any advice for when this happens?

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  • I have alot of anxiety at the moment headaches and waking up in the night with this impending doom feeling , panic attacks are just hidden anxieties that are building up behind the scenes not nice I know try Kalms from the pharmacy these help with periods of stress and irritability x

  • Thank you Escada29, I will try Kalms. I also eat oat cereals as I think they are supposed to help . Funnily enough, after my post, I was sitting in at a talk and I almost blacked out altogether. I got the doctor to check me out but he thinks it is stress, although he is going to run a 24 heart monitoring test just to make sure.

  • Yes absolutely you cant be blacking out so best it gets sorted out. Stress can do all sorts fuzzy head walking wonky tensed muscle spasms etc ive had it all lol isnt it awful . Hope all goes well and try to relax and feel in control x

  • Thank you. X

  • Hi

    Just reading your reply to Robbo 1 and realised that is exactly how I feel.That awful feeling of impending doom when I wake up in the morning or in the middle of the night or even if I lie thinking when I go to bed! The feeling is overwhelming at times and I consciously have to change my thought and just either get on with the day or go to sleep!

    I have some Kalms next time I will try some.

    D x

  • Good luck . Hope they work and you have a restful sleep. X

  • The feeling comes when I think of the day and how Im gonna get through it without going gaga x

  • Klonopin

  • Is that a remedy, abirke and if so, can it be bought without a prescription?

  • I wake up at about 4 every morning with nightmares and then can't go back to sleep for worrying about things....xx

  • Yes, it's awful isn't it? My daughter downloaded some calming , brain pattern changing music, onto a small music stick for me, so if I can't get back to sleep, I put the earphones in. It does seem to help. Hope you get a restful night tonight. X

  • Robbo1 I feel like that sometimes, if I bend over I feel dizzy and I feel sick, with it, the other night I woke up and I felt like I was going to throw up,melt really bad, I also wake up in the middle of the night quite a few times, feeling like something really bad is going to happen, it must be stress, with all we put up with. My daughter has also put music on the phone for me calming music, it does work. Xxxxxx. Hope you all have a good night sleep xxxxxxx

  • Thank you , Yvonne, I feel better for sharing. Have a good night too! X

  • I have had it often .. Do u think you have a bit if sleep apnea . I think I do mouth throat is dry as well .. I try and change my thoughts . Think of a song or go through a list of names . Take deep breaths through nose and out slow through mouth . . Tense yourself and then relax also helps .

    It's distracting your panic thoughts .

    I have found by putting a little Vaseline around just inside my nose helps . May sound funny but it helps my nose breathing . The air gets colder during the night .

    Don't laugh try it .

  • Thank you cabbagecottage, I do have a breathing problem,(and some Vaseline!) I will try it. X

  • Let us know how u get on

  • Hi Robbo 1,

    I think all these symptoms we are suffering with are definitely down to stress and worry, like Yvonne I too keep going dizzy and the room spins round!

    Several years ago I suffered with strange sensations in my head, like an electric current whizzing through it when I was trying to sleep. After numerous visits to doctors and a consultant neurologist none of them knew what was causing them.

    In the end it was a doctor who tried me on amitriptiline and it helped a lot.

    Suddenly though, after years of taking the tablets it has come back again out of the blue, I'm sure it's because I am lying in bed worrying, thinking about Keith and what the future holds for us 😔

    Stress can do strange things to the human body, I wish it would all just go away!

    Thinking of you....Pat xx

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