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Bill's family is rather scattered and his brother, who lives in Leeds, is not the best person for keeping in touch. He also hates facing up to things and would rather just bury his head in the sand and pretend that it is not happening.

So it is truly amazing that today he came to our house to see his brother. OK Bill was asleep most of the time but at least he made the effort.

love to you all. Kathie

10 Replies
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Maybe brother is finally coming around, maybe it's a once-a-year thing. Whatever , you've managed without him . We live smack dab in the middle of the country, one brother lives in the far southeast corner, the other lives in the far northwest corner (off the continent even) the other is the closest with about 2,000 miles (3,220 km) between us. So a quick visit is sort of out of the question. I do have my kids but they are it's me and B...I don't expect anyone's easier that way...


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Kathie48 in reply to abirke

Oh I do not expect help! I am just pleased he came. It must be over 10 years since he last came.


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abirke in reply to Kathie48

Oh I understand the one in the Northeast will see his brother for the first time in March (Lord willing) . And I know it won't be easy. When the o ther two saw their brother the last few years they both broke down in tears, at different times and I consoled them and reassured them that B was in no pain...etc

It was HARD on them. I can't imagine what it's going to be like for this brother!!!

How did your brother take it. Was he ok?


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abirke in reply to abirke

Not the Northeast, the north WEst!! He does not live in Maine haha


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Wow, truly cool. Does not matter if he slept most of the time, Bill knew he was there.

I hope you made a big fuss over him coming to encourage him to return. Maybe he did some research and realized what you are really dealing with. Whatever reason, glad you had a good visit.

Take care,


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Kathie48 in reply to goldcap

I sent him a text to thank him for coming and he sent back to tell me how wonderful I am! Can't stop. Got to polish my halo.

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Lol .. Like that going to get mine out . The comments I have had fantastic amazing . In the hospital they called wonder woman . Had a. The Devils own job to get him out they told me I couldn't manage . That was two years ago the last time John even went outside the door ..

We are only doing what us in front of us and needed. I do realise not everyone is as able or even had a relationship to want to be so hands in.

Even so if we are honest we all think how long can I keep doing this . You get so tired stressed maybe sometimes depressed especially these darker days .

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Kathie, there is a very active PSP support group in Leeds.

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Kathie48 in reply to toyota11

Bill's brother will not want to know about the illness as he likes to pretend that it has not happened but thanks for the info.

Love Kathie

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Many people just can't cope with the changes they see. I find lots of people are helpless at adjusting to the person they see and the one they hold in their memory. I find that hard too !!

There is also a need to see others as we get older and others are dying.

Its no fun.

None of our syblings live near but we manage to keep in contact and meet regularly.

love, Jean x

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