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Zolpidem for PSP


Does anyone have experience with Zolpidem for PSP? A user in a facebook PSP forum posted his mom's experience and linked to the study:

The facebook PSP page is here:

If they ask you to join, please do, it's a good resource as well - in case you don't want to join this forum or facebook itself, please let me know and I will post the writeup here

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I just did a search on this site, and several people had experience with it. Worth a look if you are interested. It helped some with insomnia it seems. How's your father?



Thank you for asking

I will write a separate post for this but my dad's condition deteriorated because the doc stopped his corpadopa-levodopa (sinemet) - he restarted it and he can eat/drink and communicate a bit now, thank God :)

I asked his neuro about this today - he said it's a well known drug and he will look at the study and share with another neuro and they may try it out in 2 weeks - let's see :)

He also said there is some anecdotal evidence of this medicine working for some people in various situations, strokes or something else that caused vegetative state so there is a small chance it may work


HMMMM! I wonder why it does the opposite for B......


It does ? What does it do exactly? It actually is designed for insomnia patients, to help them sleep... But in some cases apparently, it reduces PSP symptoms


yes in B it makes him VERY loopy. It does help him sleep, so I have followed his wishes to stay on it.....The side effects that Zolpidem describes are the ones B seems to get. I am hoping that it will even out in the next few weeks. Maybe this next batch will show an improvement in B....I did not read where the lady used it for sleep aid. I wonder if they who respond to it in this way, do not respond to it at all as a sleep aid. B did not do very well with Levedodo or whatever either. so maybe he is one not to respond to drugs....He never had a great time on LSD or balloons either so maybe his body just needs to be drug free.....


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Hello, is there any update on zolpidem/ambien from any of you.. either good or bad? Any side effects with usage beyond few weeks or any reduction in symptoms?


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