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Hi everyone

Hi everyone that responded to my first post , so many of you I haven't replied to , but must say what a friendly lot you are

It's a great site and has helped me immensely , so many questions to ask . After reading of other experiences I know now that the specialists have not diagnosed my hubby wrong , and that everyone has different symptoms at different levels , but sadly the end result is the same 😔

Thanks once again sunshine and rainbows to you all

Chris 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌞🌞🌞🌞

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Chris this site is so lovely isn't it, it is like a big family. Love Yvonne xxxxx


Oh Chris, I am so sorry, what a sad day for you! I can remember the first time I realised, the consultants were right, it's awful! But you are there now, it had to BE reached. Now you can move forward, knowing what is ahead, also being aware, that time is running out. Now is the time to do as much as you can. Sorry, I can't remember how your husband is, not that matters. Do what ever you can, go on holiday, or push him around the park. Just make sure every day is as good as you can make it. Even the bad days, look for a positive!

Even if that positive, is coming on here to rant and rave! hopefully you now know that you can say anything you like!!!

Lots of love



Thank you so much heady 🌈🌈☀️☀️


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