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For the last few days my husband has not been able to straighten himself out his legs have been drawn up to near his stomach and twisted to left. I rang the doctors yesterday and she has increased his baclofen which so far have not made any difference He is now in terrible pain his legs are just so stiff you cannot move them has anyone else had this symptom. He has been unable to walk now for over 2 years

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Have they thought of other muscle relaxants? a combination of drugs? cool compresses on the leg or lower back? Just found a great site...I'm sorry I don't know how to fwd it but it's called: it may be under physio therapy. I actually Googled "best compresses for spasticity " and found this site. I was very interested in maybe massage of the ball of foot to stimulate reflexive action. It also talks about body movement, and slow stretching. The more pain he's in, the more he may 'ball up' so maybe a pain killer may help as well. Best bet is get a physio in there (your home) and see what he can do ! Call your dr. ASK QUESTIONS! We are our mates only advocate.....Good Luck



Hi the doctor said that Baclofen was the best? he takes Tramadol for pain i have tried the slow stretching but it hurts him to much.I will have a look at that site thanks


Look into cbd oil.

The only one I know to recommend is cbd brothers. It is of a good quality

Cbd oil can be used to treat dystonia, here are some studies

Don't be put off by the fact it's made from cannabis. It doesn't contain THC so it won't get anyone high. This is also perfectly legal in the UK.

If I were you I'd try to get in touch with cbd brothers and have a conversation about your circumstances. It's expensive but they may send you some for free to test it.

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This is a tricky one. Is he able to communicate to you where he's feeling the pain? You would assume it's the legs, but it could also be kidneys, tummy, bowel etc. All of those would cause you to curl up and stretching out the legs would hurt.

I don't know how good your medical support is, but perhaps you could get bloods done to rule out urine infection, kidney infection etc. You'll know his bowel movements so could consider or rule out constipation.

Is he on any Parkison's meds, ie Levodopa based meds. They help with the muscle stiffness for a while. They can't keep it totally at bay, but I noticed a massive difference in my Dad's rigidity when he could no longer swallow them.

I wish you well in finding the answer and a solution, it's horrible seeing someone in pain and being unable to help. Best of luck x


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