Hi guys my husband was diagnosed with psp three and a half years ago, about four or five years earlier he was showing symptoms. his legs

weak,he no swing in his arms his hand writing became very small,he took everything seriously.I found living with him difficult and at times I wanted to leave he was still working ,he was 56 years of age. he had been to the doctor about his weakness of his legs, but nothing was found. his work mates reported his change to the work nurse he sent him back to the doctor he had a CT scan nothing was found.went off to another doctor he diagnosed parkinson;s after some visits to a neurologist he was told it was psp he retired at 56,he is now in the last stages of this disease he is high care we have him still at home his eyes are closed he can``t speak he groans often,he is incontinent with both. he has to be fed ,but likes to eat some of his food buy him self ,example today we had our sunday roast so he ate his potato,carrots pumpkin and broccoli with his hands it takes him forever, just sitting frozen like for ages but if i try to take it from him he wont let go ,his mind is still ok watching the cricket ,sorry English people! we have to use a wheel chair all the time ,his symptoms are nearly like motor neuron disease totaly disabled.but to sum it all up i''m glad i''m able to look after him he was a good father and husband .

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  • Dear Oops54,

    What amazing strength of mind, love and companionship you and your husband share. I read, first with sadness, then close my eyes and visualise and smile about what great times you have had together.


    Alana - Western Australia

    And the cricket - well yes it is cruel to rub it in ... But We got it, we got it, we got it .... RAH RAH. RAH.....

  • thank you sharon have a happy christmas and new year

  • My guy started with a weakness in one leg, too, 6 years ago. He was diagnosed 2 years ago at 65. He's still fairly mobile and independent, but I look to the future with some fear. I know my sweetheart deserves all the care I can give him. I hope I can keep him at home, as you have your husband; I am truly grateful to you for your example. Meanwhile, we try to enjoy each day as it comes - no one is promised anything more than that, I suppose.

    Thanks and best wishes, Easterncedar

  • thank you ,every thing is for a reason ,can only make us better people merry christmas and new year

  • hi guys\\ it certainly sounded like Parkinson s with the small handwriting and no swing in hes arms mate I was diagnosed with Parkinsoism that's no shaking with the rest of it but first of all it was motor nuerone then stroke then parkinsonism to finaly come to rest at psp its hard to diagnose this psp I am sorry that your husband is so poorly but he can still think for himself that's a good thing because nhe woiuld try and help you if he could anyway mate a very happy Christmas to you and your husband I am sorry I cannot be of any help to you just to say hang in there I know nits tough going but stick with it the rewards will come to you knowing you have done your best with him take care peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer

  • Merry Christmas mate.

  • hi jim and sharyn thanks for Christmas wishes mates the same to you and a very happy NEW YEAR TO YOU MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE PETER JONES QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA PSP SUFFERER

  • merry christmas jim and a happy new year.

  • thank you peter i"m not all that good with this computer,but have a happy christmas ballarat vic.

  • oops54 thanks im not much good with my computer neither have a great xmas and a wonderful new year peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer

  • Bless you and your husband.


  • I some times think we are already blessed jimbo merry christmas

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