Just got excited

A delivery man just handed me a large camera case and said,"For you". Had someone bought me a present knowing I like photography? Had I won the photo competition I entered months ago? "Wow!" I said, "A camera?". "No" was the reply, "A portable suction machine".

I did feel a bit deflated but then perked up. Perhaps now I'll be able to clear Colin's mouth of excess saliva.

I've got to be shown how to use it by the district nurse. She said she has never used one but added, "We'll figure it out between us".

I'll keep you posted.

Off to clean the bathroom and vacuum the house now. My brother and his wife are staying with us from today until Tuesday.......two way conversations, or should I say 3 hooray!


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  • Oh poor NannaB still you might still win the camera in the competition, you never now. Hope you have a lovely time with your visitors. Hope the weather gets better also. Yvonne x

  • And someone to open the wine! Sounds like bliss.


    Lots of love


  • Oh yes!


  • Sorry you didn't get the camera but maybe the suction machine will have many benefits. We had a visit from the convene nurse yesterday so are 'getting to grips with' (sorry!) the equipment - all very new and confusing as we are fumbling novices. I know you are an expert with that though so I'm sure you will soon figure out the suction machine.

    Have a lovely weekend with your family. I know what you mean about longing for a sensible conversation. Although D can still talk quite well, it is still not a two way conversation.

    Vicki xx

  • A little tip when putting on a convene....don't wear rubber gloves.

    Have fun!

  • Oh yes a conversation......that would be nice.

  • Shame about camera. Suction machine instead. A reflection of reality !!

    Make the most of conversation. I've had lots in Yorkshire and can feel myself coming to life again, lots of laughing. C feels included too so I don't need to feel so guilty. My grandson says " who are you talking to, Grandma ? " i have to confess its me !!

    Enjoy weekend.

    Jean xx

  • You know what they say about talking to yourself, "at least you get a sensible answer!" My problem is, I don't listen to a word I say. Just like all who come into contact with me,!!! Hey ho, even the dog, one word from me and he does exactly what he wants!

    Lots of love


  • hahahaha.....I am kind of like your dog , One word from me and I do exactly what I want....usually the wrong thing....at least I don't pee on the floor...yet.... things to come.


  • Vacuuming the house and vacuuming the mouth might become a very similar experience. Everything is about functional usage eh? But really what would you rather do clean the house and mouth or take a picture of it the dust and saliva...lol


  • My guests and carer have just laughed at your post.

    Thank you for sending us to bed happy.


  • Thank you NannaB...feeling really hard pressed to feel happy....



  • Sending you a hug to hopefully cheer you.

    Have a good day.


  • Let me know how you get on with machine. Was it supplied through district nurse . I have been up twice this week helping clear John s mouth . Choking ??

    by the way had another mental health nurse visit. It appears they are starting all over agin now with the CHC assessment.

    they hadn't had all the appropriate assessments done . Still waiting fo dietician .

    it must be costing a fortune for them no paying all the different department dealing with it and most likely come up with a decision as NOT eligible .

  • Yes it was the district nurse who ordered it. One came to show me how to use it today . She said the person who ordered it is sick. She also said she had read the the others notes but they were in a personal shorthand so couldn't decipher it all but said a catheta was mentioned. When we looked at what had been delivered, she said the catheta was missing and perhaps the notes meant they had been ordered separately. So we can't use it yet, and I fully charged it in anticipation.

    I hope they do grant the CHC after all the wait you have had. What a crazy system!


  • A dental nurse in the making! Hope you get to grips with it when up and working, bet you never imagined the things you are finding yourself very capable of. Enjoy your guests and have lots of laughs, so good for the soul.

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