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The weekend

So, I'm off to Devon in about 10 minutes but not staying with Mum and Dad this time as there are some jobs that need doing and it's easier if I'm "off site". However, tomorrow when Mum is at the Hospice, I get to spend a few hours with my Dad and no doubt we'll go out for some lunch and I CANT WAIT!!!

I am torn between feeling really selfish for thinking like that but also can't remember the last time Dad and I had time together when we were't "speaking in hushed tones" so as not to upset Mum or quick conversations when Mum doesn't want to speak. I've missed this SO much but you cannot help but feel guilty for needing/wanting that space and normality - I can't even begin to imagine how it is for those of you caring 24/7!

I will be spending Saturday with Mum and hope to make her giggle again although i believe I'm required to go clothes shopping with her and I know from Dad, that can be a challenging exercise but I don't care, if it helps, I'll do it and hopefully be as patient as I can be.

As always visits to see Mum are filled with some anxiety as I know she has "progressed" since I last saw her a few weeks ago but its also a time to give her lots of cuddles and tell her I love her.

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait to see my Dad and give him a HUGE hug

Kate xx

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If your parents are like us, they must be so looking forward to your visit. My eldest son travelled 3 and a half hours to see us at the weekend and brought our 3 year old grandson with him. It was lovely. He and his brother got rid of loads if garden rubbish for us while I played with Hugo. We stayed with my husband so he could hear the chatter and laughter and he managed to laugh as well. They stayed two nights. I also valued the time I had alone with my son. On Monday my husband had a sitter in the afternoon so I was able to go out with Mark and his son. We were going to a pub to eat but little Hugo said he wanted a picnic so we went to a supermarket, bought food and ate it by the river in glorious sunshine. After lunch and a time on the swings, they headed back on their long drive home.

Enjoy your time with your parents and don't feel guilty about being alone with dad. He needs time alone with you.

I hope the sun shines on you all.


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Have a lovely time, Kate. I'm sure you do both of your parents a world of good, and you'll never regret taking the time for just you and your father. He needs it, too, I bet.


Hope you have great day out with your dad it will do you both the world of good to have some father daughter time. Wishing you lots of love and laughter on your day together. That way you will both be refreshed for the next task. Lets hope the girly shopping day goes smoothly for all concerned. Have fun. Janexx


th shortest time away from it all is such a big help . it recharges your battery .

reading through the posts this morning it's coming cross how consuming these awful complex illnesses . after caring for my mum who had a big stroke for three years John started going down this slippery slope .

my brother said at the I me of our mothers stroke , I do feel so sorry for you that after all the locket years before with her That may last memory was to remember her like this


sorry I Made. Mess of all that lol .

after ten years I do find it hard to think back on the good years we have had .

in fact I am going to ask John if he thinks back of the good time , We are both so consumed with coping with now . the same for all of you I am sure . putting on a brave face .


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