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Moving and transferring

Moving and transferring

I thought I'd share this piece of kit that we wish we had had earlier for mum.

it is designed for those who cannot move around but can support their own weight.

The seat opens up so that u stand up within it, then once on the stand the seat flips down so that you're half standing half sitting.

We got it when mums strength had all but gone but it was invaluable.

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Hi Opope,

The OT showed this to me on the internet. Thinks if may be of some help for my husband.

We are going to the hospital on Thursday to look at other things such as hoists and things to help with standing and transferring. It is getting so bad here all of a sudden and I do need help with theses husband falls so easily and I sometimes feel like i am losing my strength. My muscles have never ached so much, and to make it worse, we no longer have a bath( had it taken out to make room for a lovely big shower) which I used to love lying in when I had a tough day........all my aches and pains would just melt away............

D x


Good luck with everything and I hope you find suitable equipment.


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