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My mom finally sold the puppy we had after our doctor told us he thought the slimy/ trickling feeling in my throat was being caused by that ( considering I have already been treated for post nasal drip). After the dog left, about four days later I stated to feel better and I was thrilled, but of course I just got my hopes up and that wasn't the case, because yet again I am feeling the slimy/ trickling feeling in my throat and it is awful, it makes me feel like I'm choaking. If there is anybody going through something similar, knows what I am talking about or has any advice please reply to me

It would be very appreciated.

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Do you have PSP? I wonder if you are on the right forum if not.


My Aunt Bev does the same thing she describes it as her saliva is rope and all she can do is cough it up we have tried everything sorry no help I will put that down to bring to the table at UCSF next week



Milk and milk-based products can cause thick saliva. I've heard that PSP patients should avoid those products because of the swallowing problem. Just what I've heard. Jimbo


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