Last year I had to put the tree in a room Colin couldn't get to as I feared he would fall on it. This year he falls as soon as he stands ( if I don't get to him in time) so it is able to go across the room from his chair. A tiny smile appeared when I turned on the lights and his thumb went up. We ARE going to have a Christmasy Christmas.

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  • Our tree isn't lying on the floor. I couldn't get the photo upright x

  • I was just impress that you figured out how to upload a photo!


  • m too !!

  • so was I nanna b tell us your secret peter jones queensland Australia has been hot and steamy psp sufferer

  • Go to write a post, top right hand corner and then to add a photo. Click on that and then open a picture you want to post.

    Nanna B. Very very wet and windy UK.

  • Lol

  • Thanks. That's clever! X

  • How did you get candles as your ID picture? I think they look great.


  • I googled Christmas pictures. Saved the picture to my computer desktop so I would know where to find it. Then went on my profile page on this site, clicked on edit profile and that is where you can upload your pictures for youself. And thank you, I like the candles too.

  • Thanks. I will try and do something soon. X

  • Thumbs up indeed!!! What a beautiful tree. I'm glad Colin is able to enjoy it!!

    Lynn O

  • nd sdo do yhou

  • nanna b to colin just between us two blokes mate I would like you to say THAT TREE LOOKS GREAT AND SO DO YOU would you do that for me mate she would just love to hear you say that to her but don't tell her I asked you to do it will you mate well colin you have a terrific Christmas im sure you will see yer mate peter jones queensland Australia another psp bloke

  • hello reg ,# how are you - have been conspicuous by your absence !

  • yes peterjones or puyella

    you have been notice d for being absent

    are you feeling any better??

    lol JILL

    hugs and xxx to you and your wife

  • hi, jill that very nice to be noticed mate I will do it more often peter jones queensland Australia psp bloke

  • hi, jill that very nice to be noticed mate I will do it more often peter jones queensland Australia psp bloke




  • hi sha sha a very happy Christmas to you and fred I hope you will be happy in the uk mate take care peter jones querensland Australia psp bloke

  • thanks reg i know we will be happy but we have not got a good buyer he - keeps saying he wants to buy our house but he wants ti do it for cash so we are having to be very patient but there is no one else so we are just sticking with him at the moment AND A VERY HAPPY CHRIISTMAS TO YOU TWO TOO !!

  • hi sha sha yes mate go easy on the sale of your place I have seen some of it before these cash buyers so be careful and thanks for Christmas words tell fred he can have the holiday period off so no chopping wood no washing up leave the floors mate leave them for someone else to do take care you two see yer all the best reg \\\\\peter jones queensland australia psp sufferer

  • I read your post to Colin. He didn't say anything but did laugh. Thanks for that.

    Nanna B

  • beautiful tree...we don't have one...with Bob falling, and the dogs liking the indoor bathroom look of their very own indoors tree....well,


  • We had a femail dog so didn't have that problem. Save you long walks in the wind and rain though x

  • Actually not a bad idea....


  • hi a g rest tree nannab

    i hope you enjoy xmas with it - I'm sure the grandchildren will!!

    lol Jill

    and don't worry about it lying on the floor

    it doesn't matter at all

    hug sand xxx to your self and C

  • Wonderful!

  • You have inspired me NanaB I will make the effort.We lost the second of our lovely nest of coffee tables yesterday when he fell looking for a cheque he had been sent for £350,000 (this doesn't exist unless you take enough tablets) His youngest brother died on Monday and it is hard to be "in the spirit" but I will try.Also trying to face up to the drive to the funeral and the wheel chair push somewhere I don't know.Has anyone got some goodnews please.P

  • Hi Loppylugs, sending you lots of love, make sure someone helps you at the funeral, with the wheelchair pushing! It is going to be all your husband's family, so I'm sure someone will be willing! If not, volunteer somebody!!!

    You must make the effort for Christmas, if only for your sake, just having the bright lights around, cheers everyone up.

    Sorry, no good news, except, S and I are safely back from our travels to South Africa in one piece and the sheets were dry this morning, so no washing. A first for a while. Just as well, got to start unpacking now and there is a fair amount of dirty linen in the cases!!!

    Lots of love


  • Hi Heady, pleased you are back safe and sound. I think the worst part of going away is all the washing and putting away of clothes. I hope it isn't too much of a chore....whistle while you work, da, dada, da, da, da, daaaaah


  • Hi NannaB, all unpacked, big pile of washing to do, even although I thought I had washed all but the last minute things before we left! You would have thought by now, I would realise how much washing needs to done in our lives!!! Heh ho!

    Lots of love


  • Lovely tree, glad you are both able to enjoy it. Your grandchildren will love it as well.


  • They will enjoy it even more if I remember to put chocolate decorations and mint walking sticks on it. I thought something was missing.


  • Oh dear! It's not easy to get in the spirit when so much horrible stuff is going on around you is it? I'm sorry about his brother. There always seems to be more losses near Christmas. This time last year I didn't feel like celebrating. Although my dad's funeral was in November, we were still trying to work through all his papers, clear his bungalow etc etc. I put the tree up reluctantly but it did make me feel better. I think it was decorating it with some decorations we had had for years. It brought back so many happy memories; the little chef angel that I bought my son when he was 11 and showed a great interest in cooking ( he is now 40 and owns 2 restaurants ). There are lots more and last year and this year it took a long time to dress the tree as I became lost in my thoughts. Some of the things are so tatty now, they are hidden in the depths but they still mean a lot to me. I showed them to Colin as well and recounted memories which I know he remembered.

    Last year I tied the tree to the handles of the window just in case he got into the room and demolished it but he didn't.

    I hope the funeral is not too stressful for you and the journey and wheelchair walk goes OK, enough dropped curbs, no pavement parking, wide enough seating area etc. We went in the funeral limo for my dad's. Colin needed help getting in outside the house but when the service was over, he couldn't remember how to get in and kept putting the wrong leg in first. Everyone was watching as they were then following us to the church for a service of thanksgiving. It did show all the relatives, some of them we hadn't seen for years, how he really was and gave them more understanding of the illness.

    I do hope you have something to cheer you over Christmas.

    A bit of good's stopped raining and blowing a gail so Colin won't get soaked getting in and out of the car when he goes to the hospice this morning.

    Sending a big hug.

    Nanna B

  • Hi NannaB, and I thought you were being so clever, decorating a tree, that has already fallen, so no damaged could be done!!! Am impressed, though, all you people downloading pictures! I'll have to investigate. Not that I'm any good at these matters.

    Lots of love


  • That made me laugh. Brilliant idea, laying it down before decorating it. Would have to be somewhere we couldn't trip over it though and my house isn't big enough. Getting a picture here isn't too difficult ( don't know why it's sideways though). Go to writ a post, top right hand corner and then to add a picture. As long as you have some stored on your computer or IPad click on it a hey presto it's added. Just read back, write a post not writ. I wish they would sort this out.

    Lots of love

    Nanna B

  • Goodmorning . happy Christmas all , well done Nanna B for making the effort . the last few years it has been such a struggle even to write The Xmas cards even and each time say it's the last time I ont be doing them next year, . I am sure friends and family will understand .But once again they are all done and many sent .

    Mt token so far is the wreath on the front door .

    a friend and I held a party in aid of Parkinsons last week and made £500. I had previously contacted as many Parkinsons groups as I could find and sent e mails . apart from making the money it put faces to the people I had e mailed , on top of that I had invited a lady who had done jump for Parkinsons and had a recent operation TRIAl .. very brave lady . she also gave a little talk .

    th following weekend I thanked the members of the club which we belong to for their support . they told m it was their pleasure because it gave them such an insight into what it is like to have Oarkinsons . none of them knew before .

    tye Parkinsons group Chair lady had two mighty falls and nobody could understand a word sh said but she really enjoyed herself trying to show and help ebb ermine else . tye should read. THE

  • Well done you! It takes far more effort arranging a fundraising party than decorating a Christmas tree and more beneficial to folk. I haven't even written all my cards yet, let alone posted them. I have bought them though.

    Congratulations on making £500. I hope you are proud of yourself, you deserve to be.

    Have a congratulatory hug from me.


  • ah thank you but the pleasure was all mine . my very good friend did most of the fronting work , I was behind the scenes lol .. I had a sitter for John so was able to go and enjoy the company .

    after a visit today , I am pleased to say we will have reduction in out council tax band because we have turned to use of the dining room to make place for a bed with room to using a wheelchair . every little helps doesn't it . don't know if everyone is aware of this ..

    I have also regustered. With the electricity supplier for priority in the event of a power cut , We would be ,lay and in trouble if we couldn't usee the bed or hoists .

  • Thanks for reminding me about the electricity priority. It was something a meant to do but haven't. We have a reduction of council tax as we converted our garage into a wet room. As you say, every little helps.


  • All done. Electricity supplier notified. Apparently they lend me a generator if electricity likely to be off for long.......hope it's not needed but if it is I hope it's not too big.

  • So touching. Cherish every moment of this Christmas. Glad that he is still able to appreciate the tree and the season. God is good even in the bad times when we are in the valley. Jimbo

  • Hi Jimbo, good to hear from you. I pray you will know His special peace this Christmas, always a difficult time if a loved one is no longer here to share it but I hope you have more moments of joy than sadness.

    Nanna B

  • My Wife Purchased A new Tree this year after me falling on the last one, not allowed near this one

  • Ouch!!!

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