Prostate problems

My husband has been going for acupuncture to help his pain in his throat. It has helped a little. It does not cost much to get done. While we were there to 70 year old doctor and I were talking about my husband's prostate problem. He recommended a healthy approach rather than the meds the urologist put him on, which was not working. The name of the med. is "Prostizine." Boy dose it work. He is not sitting in the bathroom for 20-30 minutes. Just do not take it just before bed. We got up about 15 times last night. When my husband gets up, I get up. He falls or plops on the seat waking the 4 month old grand baby. The brand name on the bottle is DES-BIO. It cost about $60 for about 2 month supply. I hope all of you have a good 4th of July. MthTeach

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  • Is it OTC? did you find it at health food store? My husbands med is rather waning and I have been SO TIRED lately I don't even hear him get up. I need him to do something.



    Happy 4th****! <<<****fireworks****>>>>

  • It is not from a health food store or OTC. A doctor has to order it. You can not get it filled like a pricption.

  • The dr has to order it but the drug store cannot fill it? do tell where dost though get the sweet elixir?



  • I mean thou not much for my olde English eh better stick to my old redneck! haha


  • The doctor we bought it from keeps a supply at his office. Our doctor stated only a physician can order it. I bought it from him. I did not search for it any where else.

  • I see/ I think I would have seen had I reread your post sorry to make you go thru all the work / Well I don't have an acupuncturist per se so I will look it up. Anyway thanks for the heads up! No pun intended ....

  • It is not a problem. As a teacher, I am acostom to explaining myself. Our dr is also a chiropractor. I would check the offices of your local chiropractor.

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