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Hi mot been on for a while

Hi everyone hope your all ok not been on for a while just to update you all on my dad his not doing to good a present he can hardly talk now he puts his head on one side and struggles to hold it up had to call doctor out as his chest was bad and oxygen levels were down. My mum is marvelous with him and so brave hope to speak to some of you soon Take care x

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I took my husband to theMayo clinic in Jacksonville, Fla. For care. They are very good. I do not trust a lot of neurologist. God be with you.


Sending you all a big hug.


Julie, Drop by anytime you can. We are here for you and your mom. As you are finding out this disease will cause the strength of the family to show. Your mum is a strong person but will need your support. Although your dad can't talk his brain is working. Talk to him as much as you can as it will make him feel more normal. It's tough to have a one-sided conversation but you can do it!! Don't leave anything unsaid. You don't want to look back later and say "I wish I'd told him I love him more often". Hugs, Jimbo


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