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I don't imagine I'm alone in finding the sudden appearance of commercial messages here disturbing. I think they discredit the community, and make the site much less friendly. I would like the administrators to block John Cena, whose signature photo of the man chasing the dollar sign is at least an honest representation of his purpose here.

Anyone else care to weigh in on this?

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  • I concur. Have you received a response from the administrator?


  • No response yet. Really, I do think this could ruin it for me, anyway.

  • I haven't seen any commercial messages on this site but agree with you..I don't want to see any.

    Nanna B

  • didn't get the post on LASIK surgery from earlier today?

  • No. I haven't seen any commercial posts. I looked around the site to see if I had clicked something to stop them coming but didn't see anything so don't know why I'm not getting them. I won't complain that I'm missing out though x

  • i am not seeing any adverts either ?? and i dont want them either ////

  • I also sent an email to HealthUnlocked regarding the commercial posts. I hope that helps.


  • Thanks, Christine. I wrote to one of the administrators and hit " report" on the most recent obnoxious post. I haven't heard anything back. I would like to imagine that someone is paying attention, but there's no evidence so far!

  • Got a message this morning that the Poster has been deleted. Congrats on your diligence.


  • Thanks! That good news. I never heard back myself, so how did you contact them?.

  • I went to the Help tab (a tab on the menu bar next to My Communities) . There I went to the Contact us on the right side and clicked on Email us. Is that what you did?

  • No, though I should have, I guess. I looked for a list of administrators and sent a message directly to the one most recently appointed. What exactly did they write to you? I am glad to know someone was paying attention. I have found the changes here not particularly helpful, and hope I get used to them. I'm such a Luddite. Not to say old dog.

  • I strongly agree - no commercial messages on this site.

  • In order to see the most recent posts on entering this site, I have to log out and then log in again. This is a real problem and one I have queried with the administrators, but with no response so far.

    I WONDER if the administrators are having similar difficulties with the site "at their end" and have not seen the commercial advertisement ? They used to be very quick in closing down such material in the past!


  • I don't have to log in and out, and wonder if it may have to do with privacy settings on your computer?

  • Hi easterncedar

    I'm working through this issue but I have not changed any computer settings, so it should still be recognising both the old and new PSP forum formats. It's rather strange because when I return to the site after leaving it returns to me to last posts that were being viewed, and not current posts. So it is not refusing access to the forum because everything comes to view except the most current posts. So I log out and log in and I then see the current posts. I wonder if others have had similar issues.


  • I suppose you have gone through the help pages? For me I think it isn't a problem because this iPad saves my passwords, whether I ask it to or not, so I get into the sites I use without separate log ins. I have to admit I'm so ignorant about all this that that's just a guess on my part. I wish I could be more use to you. It must be very aggravating. Easterncedar

  • Thanks for your reply. When I have more time I'll play about with a few things. I use my Android pad most of the time and it is set up to remember passwords...but it may require more "tweaking".

    All the best and will let you know if I resolve this issue.

    Take care


  • Hi again Easterncedar

    I have solved the problem and my excuse for not finding it earlier is "a senior moment". With this new format I go to the list of options under my username and just click newsfeed (and current ones come to view).

    It's morning here in Perth and I'm going to attempt to take my wife to my grandaughter's 18th birthday picnic lunch!



  • hi eastern cedar well in for a penny in for a pound as the saying goes mate i would hate to see commercials on this site like the one I saw this morning but just another way of making a buck I suppose i bet they think we are a whingeing old lot on here but never mind we have got to have our say because we are the site

    aren't we mate I mean without our input there would not be much here would there but on the other hand things cost money

    and it don't grow on trees so maybe we are in for a touch of advertising and I do not think it would be cheap to get something like this up and running on peanuts mate'' if you pay with peanuts you get monkeys '' anyway lets forget about it until it becomes official if it does of course how is mr cf doing after hes operation ,mate I hope he is full of the joys of spring now and hes bike riding has improved I have not had one fall this week================ ive had two\\\\ great isn't it to fall over and bounce back up again well ive probably got the sack from this site now if any directors see my em matey but never mind one door closes another one opens so they say see yer mr ands mrs eastern cedar take care remember to put him on hes bike tomorrow just in case peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer

  • Hi, Mr. Jones! Yes, I agree, I'm sure it's expensive to run this site, and I'm grateful for it. I wouldn't much mind banner ads or something like that as appear on other sites above or alongside the content, if they need the revenue. I just don't want ads masquerading as posts!

    Mr. EC has had a couple of cracking good falls these past two days. He is bruised but unbowed. I hope you're no more than bruised, if that, as well from your falls. His physical therapist was really impressed by the improvement in his exercises today, and so was I; I'm hoping that this may translate into fewer falls eventually. I think this LSVT Big program is great.

    He's quite over his operation - really didn't slow down at all afterwards - tough guy! I get my shoulder sewn back together at the end of the month, and then it's a sling for me until November - no more swimming or canoeing until next year. Boo! I just hope I can keep us both upright one-handed. It's going to be a challenge!

    All the best, Easterncedar

  • hi eastern cedar thanks for reply mate im sorry to hear that mr c had a couple of falls but im sure he will be ok they are pretty tough these Canadians especially from hes era more so than the younger generation of now I think mateyi am glad he is getting on ok with the BIG program I will ca,ll it that because I m not sure what yours stands for\\ full stop\\ you can breath now mrs c I think it will do him good I know there are a few in my group that have embraced it I was telling my phsio lady about it she said to me that's strange because Canada is usually ahead of us in most things maybe because we are backward \\\ another breath mrs c im real sorry about your arm and no outdoor activities for a while you will have to go with the game of tiddly winks or something or snakes and ladders now that is really dating me

    no swimming no nothing that's bad news mate ah well id better make a move so I will say all ok this end after falls i had one this morning but ok I just had trouble getting back up off the floor in the laundry and I certainly don't expect my wife to get my big lump up 84 kilos seeing as she is only a sleight build well you two cedars take it easy for now plenty of time for shingerling ive got a friend who does shingles mate a proper roof tiler as well he comes from =England I WENT to hes 80 th birthday party a little while ago ==== he came from a village near Ipswich in the uk I believe

    well see yer take care of your arm mrs c don't let them stich it up any old how will you and mr c its the word BIG YOU WANT IN EVERY MOVEMENT PETER JONES QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA PSP SUFFERER

  • Thank heavens I haven't come across any advertising on our PSP/CBD site ...and I sincerely hope I do NOT.

    This forum is no place to advertise .It isn't ethical.It just isn't correct.

    Our forum deals with real people not virtual characters.

    Real people who are hurting ,because a loved one or they themselves are suffering from an incurable disease.


    I spent over 25 years of my career in advertising....and my message to anyone who thinks this is the medium to do it in, is way out of line to put it mildly.

    GO AWAY!


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