Hi again

Hi. I have not been on here for a while. Dad has recovered from his heart surgery and is back at work 3days a week. Mum is much more tired, and has bouts of confusion. She is less mobile than she was. I have sold my house and mum and dad have sold theirs. We are going to live together so I can take care of mum. Mum once said to me "I would do anything for you". Now it's my turn.

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  • Take care xxx

  • I'm wishing you all the best,there won't be no regrets,enjoy every moment you have together x

  • Lindsey, Glad you are posting again. Wonderful that you can work things out and help your Mom. You are a special daughter! Hugs, Jimbo

  • Hi Lindsey -

    Thanks for updating us - glad you are managing to be so positive. Hope all goes well.


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