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Chritmas Day Crash

Not realy a question more like a mishap, The first of my Girls arrived with Children and partners as they all do every year,My Wife went out to greet them as used to be the norm so did I,But this year I had a back crash just as they arrived in to the Chistmas Tree, that was not the berst bit I was setting up Skype tospeak with another of our Girlks on the swiss border, next thing I know is I am of the chair and laying backward on the tiales with a sore head No I don't drink




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Oh, Alan, I'm sorry you had such a fall. I bet the family fussed! (It's very hard not to.) My guy had a bad one, too, on Christmas Eve, shattered a little glass table - shards everywhere - but he was miraculously unhurt. I say that bit by bit we're clearing out the cluttery hazards! We went on to have a lovely visit with family and a very nice holiday. I hope you and your family did, too. Easterncedar


Oh Alan, I hope things improved and you were able to enjoy Christmas. If you didn't have PSP, what you described would be a good beginning to a Christmas comedy film. Not funny for you, but you may be able to smile about it in a few weeks. When I think of the terrifying time my hubby fell backwards into a deep pond and when he fell through 2 panes of glass in the greenhouse, I can now smile but didn't at the time. We are celebrating here with all the family on 28th so hope my hubby stays in his chair or stays upright.

May your new year celebrations be a little less eventful.

Best wishes for 2014.

Nanna B


Dear Alan,

I gather (or rather hope) you are not badly injured. And didn't frighten others around you too much!

Has anyone checked - Do the lights on the christmas tree still work?

And those rollers on the chair - who put them there?


Alana - Western Australia


Thank you kind folk Chistmas was nice with all the Grand children onbe Daughter got in a flap, but the other one and Wife were fine, I hope you all have a good New Year


Alan, Falling is an intricate part of this terrible disease. I am thankful that my wife did not have any really bad falls. Now I transport her by wheeled chair and she only takes a few steps when transferring from one place to the chair. I'm thankful for this because it makes a bad fall less of a possibility than when she was trying to walk with a walker etc. It has been said that most PSP patients die from a fall or aspiration pnumonia. Stay safe my friend.



Hi Alan

It's such a heart sink when things like that happen.

I am a carer for my partner Liz who was diagnosed a few months ago.

We live in St Albans UK... the care here is wonderful. I hope you have a good service.

Wishing you better than you expect for the coming year.




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