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Possible Useful Information on Supplements

There is often an interest in supplements on this forum. Unfortunately, some Internet sites may have a bias in their presentation, and it can be difficult to review the "science" behind the claims.

While I'm not in the business of endorsing any sites, there is one that seems to give a section about human trials/studies only (not lab or animal studies). I think the only commercial interests on this site is the sale of a book, but most of the information seems to be free on their site anyway.

Google: List of Supplements on (or just type and it's the first "hit").

There's a good section "Human Effect Matrix" and it shows at a glance the current (medical) science of all clinical trials. There is a huge amount of information plus references.

Additionally, there is an alphabetical list (e.g items discussed on this forum like..... Coconut oil or Coenzyme Q10 or curcumin found in tumeric). They add to the list constantly (but I don't think they investigate compounds not considered supplements like methylene blue).

Hope it helps with your queries and investigations.


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I made a comment Strelley on another post. But I wanted to thank u for this list. I was guilty of not taking my Vitamin D & when I read on this reference that lack of Vitamin D had been found in people who had experienced falls I got back on it - I take a chewable calcium with vitamin D. Cheers Mary


Hi Mary

Good to hear from you and know you're taking supplements that will help you.

Take care



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