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Any recommendation on a speech amplifier product?

Any recommendation on a speech amplifier product?

First of all thanks for the forum posts. I learnt a great deal from this site. My mother was diagnosed with PSP couple of years ago. There has been a deterioration in her speech, specifically volume in the past 6 months. She is very coherent but a very low volume. I am looking for a recommendation on the speech amplifiers. There seems to be two categories of products on the market- those that enhance voice for in-class instruction purposes and the 2nd category which interests me is to address speech amplification for those suffering from vocal problems that impact volume. I found a list on Internet which is attached. None mention PSP but some mention Parkinson such as Spokeman I appreciate any comments on the use of any speech amplifier product. Thanks in advance.

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Since no one has replied to your question yet, I am guessing it has not been commonly tried. My sweetheart suffers from inability to articulate, so it isn't something we explored. It's interesting to think how such a device might help someone who has gotten quiet. Have you looked at the LSVT Loud program? We did a modified round with a speech therapist and it helped a lot. Best wishes, ec

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Thanks for pointing me to LSVT. We just began to think of speech therapy. She has a positive experience in physical therapy. She had lost her ability to throw a ball and didn't even know. In the last few months, she was able to regain that via a daily routine recommended by a physical therapist. Hopefully speech therapy would lead to something similar.


We have had good luck with PT as well. Every little bit helps!


Hi Lakka, we had this one for my husband

Aker Portable Voice Amplifier 16watts MR2200 For Costumes Props Electronic sound effects MP3 player Teachers Professors Ministers Coaches Tour guides Presentations

Price:£29.99 & FREE Delivery in the UK.

I got it on Amazon. I don't seem to be able to do a link but I have copied and pasted the information above.

It's a couple of years since I got it. It did work quite well for my husband for about a year and it certainly helped them understand him when he went to the hospice day centre. The only real problem was that he wanted to fiddle with the controls constantly!



Thanks Vicki!! We bought one similarly priced ones. The seem to be the first category I pointed out. Roughly the same price. Those in the 2nd category sell at $150 or more USD. Hopefully they provide noise free personal area amplification. I am thinking of trying spokeman for my mom.


Hi. My partner used a speech amplifier for almost a year. It definately helped him, mainly when speaking to people other than family, who of course became used to his quiet voice. He found it especially good when we were attending appointments. As he was able to answer questions himself in stead of relying on me to pass on his replies. He used one of the in class voice amplifiers. A bit like a Walkman. Strapped to his belt. Microphone on a headset. Ours was supplied by the speech and language department. We just returned it when his speech became indistinct. Well worth it for the time it helped. Hope this helps in your quest for a solution.



Thanks Beverley!! Yes I can see the use when speaking to non-family members.


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