hi guys I hope i`m not speaking to soon ,my husband is in the last stages of psp was diagnosed in 2010. he is high care,and one of the many

symptoms he has is he groans all most every day and night,I was reading about the benefit of onions and the flu , so I put an onion cut at both ends in his room ,over night its been three nights now ,and he hasn't groaned once I hope this is going to stay this way, but i guess it won`t. regards christine .

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  • I must try that , On the occasions that I have had flu I moan a lot . my father also used to do so .

  • Hi I am not at rthe moaning stage yet but I hum all the time and it is usually ok as it is something from the choir which I stiolł go t o

    lol Jill


  • HA HA that would sound good .just the thing to keep the spirits up . christine

  • I love your attitude Jill. God Bless you!

  • Hi glad the onions are working never heared of this.

    we found when our dad who has now passed way

    When he groaned it was because he was in pain or uncomfortable

    Hope you getting all the best care you can with this terrible illness

  • thanks Baddie. maurice is not in any pain he gives the thunbs up when we ask questions so no pain , but his groaning all the time was A PAIN! cheers christine.

  • Wow! If it works, why not? Occasionally my husband groans and when I ask him if something is hurting he will say "I'm just making noise." He can't participate in conversations and rarely talks, so I guess making some kind of noise is in its way entertaining or cutting the boredom for him. It never lasts too long though.


  • hi caroline yes somtimes when he would groan i would say can you please stop ,and he would say i can`t help it ,so i think it may be congestion on his chest , as he can`t cough he has no strengh to do so .thanks ,cheerio christine

  • Interesting thought, onions. Whatever works is cool in PSP. My wife doesn't groan but often when I'm talking she will make a humming sound. Often when she doesn't like what I'm saying. LOL


  • Thats funny ! jimbo I think it was coming from his chest as he can`t cough now he has been and still is taking an antibiotic every day to help with chest infection , about three years before he was diagnosed with PSP he had pneumonia, this may be why ,but im not sure . but i just hope it lasts . by for now christine

  • My husband moans all day most days and before he falls asleep. After he's asleep, he's fine. He says he can't help it. He tells me to go lay on the couch til he falls asleep but usually I don't. I've gotten use to it.

  • hi territ its been a week now or a bit longer ,but no sure if he is still not groaning as he is is in respite care i have been away for two days , iv`e just came back now from visiting him and i didn`t hear any groaning . he will have another week in care and come back home .so i hope it does not return .cheers christine.

  • Yes, hopefully it won't return. I'll be anxious to know.

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