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stress and psp


i am sure that the stress aggravates some of hte Psp symptoms in my ca s e my balacne and fallign

my partner had to have an emergency op for a detached retina after cataract surgery 2 months ago and

i fell over 26 times hyest erday (insid e and out)withn ot knowing how he was at the op etc

stress does def make the symptoms worse and there is plenty of that around at thte moment

love jill but still


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Hi Jill,

Oh dear, so sorry to hear of your many falls due to the stress of your partner's eye operation. I remember my late-husband Richard used to be the same if he was worrying over something. It can happen to any of us especially when we have our minds on other things - and more so for those with balance problems as in PSP. In the circumstances, I can well understand why you had so many.

I sincerely hope your partner's op has been a success - nasty thing to have, a detached retina - and trust that all is well with you both very soon.


Maggie x


Hi Jill,

So sorry to hear of the problems you and your partner are having at the moment.

Stress definitely increases the symptoms of PSP :-( The day after Mum and Dad had to have their dog put down Mum couldn't stand at all and was leaning heavily to the left. Thankfully though, it does seem to resolve itself after a short while. I do so hope you find it settles quicly in your case.

Do take care of yourself and I hope your partner makes a swift recovery from his operation

love Kathy


Oh Jill, that sounds exhausting!

I hope you'll fall less as he recovers and you both relax. Have you been able to move yet? That's stressful too, so be sure and look after yourself



hi fiona

no still waiting for a date

mid FEB at earliest

love jill


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