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free at last from psp


My lovely wife Kathleen lost her battle with psp when she passed away in nursing care on Friday 26th June.I had not been allowed in to see her since the first week in March to Tuesday 23rd June when I got the call that she was nearing the end.As you can imagine I got little sleep between the Tuesday and Friday.I am so angry that she was robbed of visits from her loved ones and I was robbed of the little time she had left.Will anyone take the blame for covid 19 ?

There is now the process of arranging her funeral,no easy matter.I am talking to the undertaker and vicar this week to see what will be allowed re: her church service and burial.These things were difficult before the pandemic let alone now.The family have a few ideas on how to celebrate her life, just have to wait to see what is allowed in the near future.

All for now,the sad Acorneater.

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My deepest condolences , a very sad time for you, not being able to be with you darling wife is so sad. Hope you can have the funeral that you want and to be able to celebrate in the way you want. Big hugs Yvonne xxxx

Am so sorry for your loss, acorneater. I hope you find a way to celebrate your wife's life together with family.

Covid 19 is making a nightmare of life and death!

I hope you will find time soon when you can relax and remember the good times with your wife. I hope you can soon find that peaceful place.

Until then, stay strong!


Jen xxx

So very sorry for your loss in such difficult circumstances x

Very sad. Love and hugs to you xxxx

So very sorry to hear your sad news. It is such a terribly difficult time at the moment & you are absolutely right to feel angry and sad.

I hope that you and your family find a way to mark her passing and then spend time remembering her before this dreadful illness took hold.

Thoughts are with you. Sending hugs xx

So sad. Sending you a big virtual hug ❤️XxxX

Sorry to hear. It is hard even knowing it was inevitable.

Yes, the pandemic makes everything even more difficult.

I am so sorry to hear that Kathleen has passed away. May she rest in peace, finally free from this evil disease.

I agree, Covid has a lot to answer for, in taking away precious moments, good or bad. Please try not to get to bitter about the times we live in, at the moment, remember the good times with Kathleen, let them take you forward.

Sending big hug and much love

Lots of love


So very sorry for your loss sending hugs and love your way xx

Sending gentle hugs... Granni B

Sorry to hear your sad news my condolences to you and your family..Brenda xx

There really are no words I can offer to ease your pain. I just cannot imagine the heartbreak you have been through during the last few months not being able to see Kathleen due to the rules surrounding the virus. This is easy for me to say as I was able to care for my husband to the end, but try if you can not to focus on anger towards Covid because it will drag you down and you have a hard enough journey in front of you. You’ll begin to tap in to your wonderful memories of your life with Kathleen when the time is right, sometimes those memories will make you sad, other times you will smile, that’s the grief road. Covid dealt you and your family a cruel hand, don’t let it mess with your memories.

Wishing you and your family peace as you try to come to terms with such a great loss.


Heartfelt condolences and prayers for u. I and sooo many others feel your pain. God will bless you for your attentive care for her. You are living my nightmare and I am sure those of many others. The Lord comforts in many ways.

Psalm 55:22 Cast thy burden upon the Lord and He shall sustain thee: He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.

I write this to u today and hope that when I am in your shoes I will recall it. I know it is an extremely trying time. Rely on family, friends and your Faith.

God Bless you!

How absolutely gutting for you and your family. We do live in a ludicrous society! You really should have been allowed to see your wife on condition that you use PPE and self-isolate before and after visits. I hope you can find a way to grieve that allows you all to heal in time. Thinking of you xxx

I am so sorry to read of your loss. Thinking of you and hope time and reflection will ease your pain.

I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my mum on Sat 20 June. I hope that you have support around you to help you through this difficult period. I am so glad that you at least had those last few days with her. Let the good times fill your head now and try not to focus on the bad.


My sincere condolences to you and your family on the passing of your wife. May you hold your fondest memories of her close to your heart.........where she will live forever.


So sorry for your loss we all feel for you how awful this pandemic has been especially for our loved ones who we can’t visit I’m sure Kathleen would have had excellent care and would have known she was loved

Best wishes to you for the future x

I am so sad to read this and can really understand your mixed feelings in the current situation. I am so so sorry that you were robbed of spending these last few precious months with your lovely wife. It is a hard time that you are in and I hope that you are able to have the love and support of the rest of your family to help you through. Grief is hard and you do experience every possible emotion including anger and you have every right to feel angry but as others have said try if you possibly can to focus on the good times and remember all the lovely happy times you and your wife shared together. I am so so sorry and send you lots of love and hugs

Love Sarahxxx

Very sad to hear that. It is a real heartbreaking to know how much damage this tiny virus is playing with our loved ones. RIP

My sincere condolences.

Love and light to you and your family in this sad times.


So sad to hear of your loss. Please take solace that Kathleen is no longer suffering from this devastating disease. Just take it day by day as you go forward making your arrangements for her.

Sending hugs xx

I’m so sorry .

Truly sorry to read this heartbreaking news about your wife Kathleen.

I can't imagine how you are feeling but know the pain of not being able to visit someone.

Your anger is understandable in the awful trauma covid19 has added on top of an already traumatic journey.

Do you have support to talk to?

Sending much love


Thanks Sam,yes .her family are all there for me.

So sorry for your loss!!

May She Rest In Peace!!

So sorry to hear this. How cruel after such a long journey.

I hope you can eventually focus on the good memories you have - knowing how well you cared for her.

A big hug from Jean xxx

So sorry to hear your news, it must have been such a hard year so far.

Take comfort that Kathleen is now free off this horrible disease.

I hope your funeral plans work out, I attended one a couple of months ago, it was peaceful and respectful, just very low on numbers. A celebration of life can always be planned for a future date, if you are unable to hold the sort of day you and Kathleen would have wanted. That way you would be able to have everyone you want, as there would be plenty of notice.

You are in my prayers 🙏


I do feel for you. My wife died from P.S.P. on 27th.April last.For six weeks prior to her passing I was not able to see her in the Nursing Home where she was resident nor for the three weeks that she was in the funeral home. The funeral was limited to ten mourners but was nevertheless a very sensitive and moving occasion thanks mainly to the support and contribution of my children and grand children. So sad and so cruel not being able to say goodbye properly and grieving in isolation is also particularly hard. Hopefully with the new measures now taking place you will not be isolated and you must not be afraid of relying on every member of your family for they in turn derive consolation by giving support to you.

Stay strong and safe.

Welsh Rugby.

So very sorry for your loss sending you hugs. take care thinking of you and your family xxxx

Hi acorneater!

Very sad.

A big hug.


Dear acorneater, what sorrow upon sorrow you have had to endure. I am so sorry for your painful loss of Kathleen and that you were robbed of those months to be at her side. I’m praying that the Lord will give you peace and comfort.

I am so sorry for your loss and the loss of another PSP Warrior. Please accept my condolences.

Very sorry to hear about your wife and how you were not allowed to visit her at the nursing home till the end. You have done a wonderful job looking after her all these years. You deserve the highest praise.


I am so sad to hear your story and you have my sincere condolences. You were indeed robbed,first by PSP,then by Covid. I repeat the advice given by others not to let it make you bitter. One day at a time was our mantra as caregivers and that same follows through during the grieving process.

Take care!

So sorry for your loss and your inability to be by her side during her last months. My dad passed away March 15th and we postponed the funeral because of Covid-19. We ended up hosting a celebration of life on zoom and about 100 people attended. People that wouldn’t have been able to attend due to distance under normal circumstances attended. We still plan to at least do a burial ceremony in the future but travel restrictions do not allow us to do this now.

Such a sad time compounded with this Covid situation. She knew and you were there always. Be proud. I’ll keep you in prayer. I’m certain the funeral will be exactly as she would have wanted it.

Let us know. Blessings


Yes, the tragedies abound in this time; it is a terrible time to lose a loved one. Kathleen is free of all the sadness and her spirit will lift you now, I believe. My deepest sympathy to you and your family and friends.


My heart goes out to you knowing that you couldn’t be with her like you would have if not for this damn virus. There is nothing fair in any of it. I’m glad you were able to be there in her final moments. I am so very sorry for your loss.

So sorry to hear your sad news. My husband has PSP & is in a Care home & I haven't seen him for 16 weeks.It is tough & feel I've abandoned him even though it's out of my control?? He has lost a stone in weight in this time & missed out on the treats we gave him..I hope to se him at the weekend in the garden with social distancing in place.. Hang on to the good times & memories of your wife. Take care.

I am so very sorry to hear of your loss under such trying circumstances. I can only image the pain of being separated from your wife at such a critical time. My prayers, love and light to you.

I am sorry for your loss. I understand about not being able to see your love and I feel the same way, that precious time is being stolen from me and my husband due to the virus. I will be praying for you and your family. Whatever you do to remember her will be perfect. Take input from family but do what you think is right. Hugs. Don’t forget to take care of yourself.

So sorry, hard at the best of times but so much harder when you haven't been able to spend the time you wished together. Thinking of you.

My sincerest condolences to you on the loss of your darling wife. It is sad to lose her at this time when you cannot say your goodbye to her. May she rest in peace in the loving arms of her maker, free from the horrible PSP and the equally nasty covid 19. I am sure that she is with you and knows how much you love her. Give yourself time to mourn her loss and to also give yourself some of the love and care you gave to her. Let the memories you shared together help you cope with the difficult time ahead. Thinking of you and your family at this time. May God give you all the strength to cope in this difficult time. Fond regards to you and your family. Teeker🙏🙏

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