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2012 What does it hold for PSP sufferers

2012 for those who look after relatives with PSP is more of the same but worse. I can have no optimistic outlook for 2012 just this feeling of dread that I will lose someone that I love dearly to this dreadful disease soon. I try to cling onto anything positive but it is so difficult. All I can do is to wish everyone out there the strength and love to carry on at the darkest of times and pray for a cure.

Bless you all


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hi maeve

i have PSP and am sitll upbeat as more htan 12 monhs since diagnsois (dEc 2010)

i am sitll here in midn/ bod/ and spirit and am n0t yet out of it

i am hoping 2 fall less in 2012 as my n y eresolution and have some he[pful advoce from a physio in how to slow myself down whilst walking about my flat

it is not easy for ocarers and patients to lvie wiht this disease but

at lleast i know my rrognosis as much as ajnyone can

love jill




you offer hope and optimism to us all. Maeve, I felt the same way a you as 2012 was welcomed in, i was happy to cling to 2011 knowing the family had brought my husband through another year of the PSP. We do live to fight on though and hopefully some questions will find answers for us this year. x


Hi Maeve

You took the words right out of my mouth! I know exactly how you feel - I have been caring for my Dad for about 2 years - at the moment he is in respite, i feel so guilty about him being in a care home but I think he understands that we need a break. I cant seem to find the hope and positivity I had in 2011 either, it is tough.

Take care,

Amy xx


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