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Special chairs for PSP sufferers

Seeking help from any angle.

My mother has the problem that she cannot stay sitting in her chair. She just keeps on pushing herself forwards on the arms of the chair until she falls on the floor.

As she having eight hours a day of PEG feed, this is obviously very dangerous for her from an aspiration point of view, as well as hurting herself when falling.

Please has anyone got any advice on what the solution could be. There are not enough carers in her nursing home to constantly be there to help her or prevent it from happening.

Any ideas welcome.


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At my friend's care home they have special chairs where the seat slopes backwards making it more difficult for patients to lever themselves out of it. They have a special name but I can't remember what it is. Maybe someone on here will know.


Is it called a bucket chair ?


Jess, I cannot advise about the chair but it occurs to me that the PEG complication could be solved by your mother being fed over night, as was my wife, Roisin.This seemed to have the added advantage of helping her to sleep more soundly. Would the nursing home be prepared/staffed to try this?



If your mum has a PEG feeding machine hooked up while she is in a chair she should have one to one care to ensure she does not damage herself with the machine attached. If you can discuss situation with the nurse, it may be they switch to over night feed while she is in bed.

Know only about the double motor chairs which raise the thigh support as well as the legs so the bum is in a hollow making it more difficult to pull out of the chair.

Best wishes Tim


I have a similar problem. My darling brother bought me a hospital bed with all the electrical devices and it certainly helps. Happy Christmas


Hello Jess.

My friend has PSP and as things worsened clearly needed a special chair. In the end her family bought her one from Mercado-Medic

Apart from when she is taken out in a wheelchair she sits in the chair all day long. From my observation it is absolutely excellent. It fits her specific profile, is adjustable, movable and suitable for use by someone who is incontinent.

I highly recommend it but it is not cheap.



Thankyou Nigel.

Much apreciated.



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