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sclerotic rib lesion

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my dad age 73 has been diagnosed with Gleason 9 (4+5) prostate cancer. He did a bone scan with spect Nov 2 2022 and it was clear. On Nov 28 2022 he did a ct scan that showed a sclerotic lesion posterior rib concerning for mets. His oncologist says it’s an inconclusive result for him and he’s having another bone scan and ct scan in a few weeks. He wants to see if it shows up on bone scan and if it decreased in size now that my dad is on Lupron on the ct scan.

Is it possible that someone with prostate cancer can have 1 single Mets all the way at the rib with nothing elsewhere? Has this happened to anyone? No known injury that we are aware of. But I guess even coughing can cause injury especially at the ribs. This lesion was seen on ct chest july 2021 but the report said nothing. Apparently it grew in size now.

his treatment plan is external radiation. He had turp for urinary retention in December.

my dad has no other symptoms. No pain nothing.

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It's possible, but why guess? He can have a PSMA PET/CT or, even better if he can get it, an NaF(18) PET/CT. Or he can have a biopsy of the lesion if it's big enough.

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