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Early Detection?

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57 on monday, had my 12 point biopsy last week, mri showed nothing, my psa was 8.6

Currently of the 12 cores 3 are grade 1 and 2 are grade 2., 7 were negative.

I have my consultation in about 3 weeks for treatments.

Anyone have any thoughts on these results am i worrying a bit much?, im thinking of doing the focused beam radiation therapy vs the pellet.and i believe prostate removal would be too soon.

My dr. Didnt mention a Gleason score..

So im hoping its very early stages and have no idea if i should do surveillance or treatment. This is all new and online searches dont do this any kind of justice.

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ISUP Grade Group 1= Gleason score 3+3

ISUP Grade Group 2= Gleason Score 3+4

Your risk level is called "favorable intermediate risk." You have plenty of time to learn about therapies and make decisions. Some men in your risk group choose active surveillance, so taking a year to decide isn't unreasonable. For now, decide not to decide.

It's a very good idea to get your biopsy results confirmed by Jonathan Epstein at Johns Hopkins. Just ask your urologist to send the slides to Epstein. It's a pretty standard thing to do. It may cost you $300.


This is a good explanation for you to read:


Here are my thoughts about gay men and surgery:


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