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I am 6 weeks post-radical prostate removal. Although I have been able to achieve a dry orgasm, an erection eludes me. Are there any recommendations on penis pumps? Medical grade v. Others? Thank you.

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Most guys I know get their pumps online or in sex shops. You may find that shaving is necessary to get a good seal. Good idea to use trimix twice a week too. If incontinence is not a problem, daily ED meds too.

Erection recovery may even occur 2 years later. This study may give you some hope:

I use a penis pump for penile rehab and to regain some of the length losted from the prostatectomy. Pumping should not hurt. If it hurts easy off the pressure - most of the time you can break the seal by pressing one finger at the base of the pump where it meets the skin.

My urologist recommended the Bathmate. I choose the extreme because it has a hand pump. I do not think I would be able to push the pump into my pelvis.

The penile rehab is more about bringing in blood flow for 3 minutes, releasing and massaging for 2 minutes and repeating 2 more times (15 minutes total per day). I use a conditioning shampoo on my penis for the massaging.

After catheter removal (1 week) - started 10 mg daily tadalafil (generic cialis) purchased using GoodRX because insurance does not cover it.

At 2 months, I talked with my doctor about going from 5.25 down to 4 inches. He said no way possible it was because of surgery. Recommended the Bathmate. I am now up to 4.75 when erect on my own and 5.0 with Trimix

At 6 months started Trimix injections - Getting to the correct does take several tries. The in office dose of 0.15 cc was too much and I had a 6 hour erection. My long erections do not hurt, but most people have pain. I did contact the surgeon and worked through it to include following up. I did not need to go to the hospital. I would recommend that having the doctor to add the "recover / undo" injection along with trimix prescription sent to the compounding pharmacy. Since I take daily cialis, I use a low dose of Trimix - I make sure I get 40 syringes with the order.

At 8 months, I was able to have a firm erection without Trimix. I still use the pump with Trimix once a week. (I am at 9 months). I use the pump about 3 times a week.

I still use the Bathmate. I sit on the corner of the tub, using cups of warm water - standing in the shower did not work for me. The Bathmate uses water instead of air. The bathmate seems to add more girth than a regular air pump.

I also purchased the Vacurect pump with the constriction rings. It took a really tight constriction ring that made my penis look weird. I did not like the rings. The Vacurect can be used without a really tight ring for penile rehab. The same principle of pump for 3 minutes, massage 2 minutes to pull the blood in, release it, and repeat can be applied.

With Bathmate - sign up for the email to get 20% to 30%. Buy the 'Extreme' with the handball to pump.

You can search Bathmate on Youtube. A few of the videos are of 30ish guys who do not needed the pump and a couple that show the person using the pump incorrectly.

The vacurect I purchased from Amazon.

I wanted to mention that the bathmate has accessories to include cushion rings. The cushion rings keep the pump from pulling your balls into the pump. The cushion rings outer size of the ring matches the pump and their are to different inter size. The cushion ring goes over the penis before the pump.

The cushion ring size 5(X20) is for the 5 size of each series (HydroXtreme 5, Hydro 5, extra). The number in parentheses is for the older naming series of the Bathmate pumps.

If you get the pump for 5 to 7 inches, order the cushion rings 7(X30).

I have to agree about the Vacurect pump. It's a medical grade pump, but the rings are poorly designed. The pump is fine, but the rings have a upward flange that makes it difficult to remove the ring that would be tight enough to keep blood in the penis. The top of the flange isn't smooth and can scrape sensitive skin.

MaleCare posted info re a study out of U of MN designed to address issues of prostate cancer in gay men. I participated in this study. They provided participants with pumps. So, I assumed that they researched pumps in order to provide a "good one." I also did some research and found that the one provided was, indeed, "serviceable." It's manufactured by NuPath and is available online (isn't everything?) I used it to try to maintain the ability to get an erection. It worked. The problem for me - as for most men who are "on" ADT, is the absolute lack of desire for anything sexual. Alas, I was not successful in maintaining my pre-treatment length or girth. Perhaps you'll be more successful than I.

Good luck to you. Btw, I found my docs completely ignorant and useless re the whole subject of pumps, shrinkage, etc.

Thank you all for this information - finding a path to rehab is seemingly like searching in the dark. I have found that the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo LUX Extra helps me achieve an orgasm; but I am still missing the erection after 8 weeks. I appreciate the information on the pumps -- I will order one. Even at a premier NYC hospital, the guidance on this is less than I would have expected.

Chris - 8 Weeks is still early. I use 10 mg daily tadalafil (generic Cialis), pump 3 times a week, and use Trimix injections once a week. It took 8 months before I had a 90% pre-surgery erection. Keep trying to get the blood moving each day especially for the first 6 months. It can take 6 to 24 months for natural erections to return.

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