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Recurring bladder infection post RP?

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First post. I am 46. RP May 2020.

Since then, I've had 2, now possibly 3 bladder infections all occurring this calendar year. I've never had a bladder infection prior. I no longer have leakage/incontinence. I am able to have an erection without meds after 10.5 months. Has anyone else had a similar experience with the bladder infections?

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I had a bladder infection 3 weeks after my RP. It started with blood clots blocking my urethra and having to go to emergency to unblock it. A week of Cipro took care of the infection.

I had an infection maybe a year after my RP and one other later that was only detected when I had knee replacement surgery and they checked first for infections. If you are/were avoiding drinking enough water because of incontinence worries (that was perhaps true in my case) this makes such things more likely. Both of the infections surprised me, since I was not having sex at either time. Glad your continence issue and sexual functioning are good, congrats on that, and I hope the infection issue does not persist.

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