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Prostate Cancer And Gay Men

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You are invited to participate in our current research study. One hour of your time may influence treatment of future patients. The goal of this study is to develop a survey to assess sexual function after prostate cancer treatment specific for MSM. Increased knowledge in this area can help guide future patients in treatment decisions. Your participation will involve completion of a set of questions online. Your response can help us refine this list and develop the survey. No personal information will be collected in the survey and all your response will be kept confidential. This study is being supported by the UBC British Columbia Cancer Agency Research Ethics Board. Please consider participating in this important study. If you decide to take part, please follow the following link:

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Some comments on the survey if you want them.

• Doing the survey during the pandemic doesn't provide you with a typical picture

• It should begin with orgasm, not ejaculation (very few guys treated for PC produce ejaculate, whereas many achieve orgasm. By starting with ejaculation, it isn't clear that the questions mean different things)

• It doesn't touch upon some very important issues : size loss , Peyronie's, dysmorphia due to ADT

• It doesn't ask about pumps, trimix or implants

DarrylAdministrator in reply to Tall_Allen

All valid comments. I will share them with the primary investigator .

Allen's comments suggest that MSM might not have been adequately represented in the group designing the study. Or perhaps they were not aware of the breadth of realities we find MSM bringing to this and kindred support groups.

I am not participating in the study as I'm over the age limit ... which leaves me wondering what assumptions lead to setting arbitrary age limits. Especially as we are seeing increasingly frequent reports of men being diagnosed and treated who do not fall within the study's target ages.

DarrylAdministrator in reply to BerkshireBear

I will share your comments with the study investigators.

I am aged out. an "interesting" assumption about age on the part of the investigators: old men do not have sex. disappointing.

I agree with Tall_Allen. The questions re ejaculate really don't apply to me; post treatment, ejaculate gone. But, orgasm does occur. Agree with his other comments as well.


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