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Hey Guys.....I am not going to be on here much during the holidays but I did want to throw this out there and get some feedback, has anybody experienced any dick shrinkage since you have been diagnosed. I myself have but not all the time, sometimes my dick shrinks so much its almost like I am uncut. I have been wanting to ask my doctor about this but I chicken out....thanks

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Penile shrinkage is a well-known side effect of surgery. When penile tissue is no longer innervated or oxygenated, it atrophies. Try pumping everyday to maintain blood flow.

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Yesm just as Tall Allen says, it's part and parcel of post RP. Most helpful the pump and staying 'active' to maintain blood flow.

You can extend Tall_Allen's comments to include the effects of some radiation treatments. When a gland that was formerly the size of a golf ball is shrunk to resemble a mini-marshmallow you get the same reduction in length of the urethra. Plus the atrophy effects of disuse.

It happened with me and I didn't have prostate cancer surgery just ED. I had a healthy 6" before. After my implant I have about 4.5. Doc said the longer you go with ED the more shrinkage you will have. Wish someone had told me that years ago. I would've had the implant when I still had my very average 6".

Hormones cause shrinkage of testicles (and I assume penis) as well. Yeah, exercise that "muscle" and see if it improves the situation. With hormones and zero sex drive and few willing it goes.

No surgery but Injections of Firmagon and Lupron = shrinking testicles. Conflicting info from docs whether they will ever return to pre ADT size. Just one more thing to struggle with.

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