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ASTRO, ASCO, & AUA strongly endorse a shortened course of IMRT for primary therapy

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They strongly endorsed moderate hypofractionation (20 or 26 treatments) but only conditionally endorsed SBRT because they didn't consider any data after 3/31/2017. I think SBRT will receive a strong endorsement by this time next year.

There is no reason any patient should have to suffer through and pay the expense of 40-44 primary IMRT treatments anymore. If you have an RO telling you you need 40-44 treatments, show him the new guidelines.

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Thanks for all of your posts. Will print and share with uro and RO. Ro recommended hormones, beam - 25 treatments, and seeds. Started with Fiirmagon. Uro wants to switch to Eligard/Lupron, followed by beam and seeds. Won't be anything left of my prostate. LOL Sigh.

Keep up the good work. It helps.

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