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Prostate Cancer And Gay Men
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ethnicity choices when setting up profile

off any topic--but not sure where to post this--when doing one's profile on this site I find the ethnic choices to be a little limiting--I identify as white,and am of mixed Italian, Irish, and German heritage. But my DNA test shows there's a chunk of Middle Eastern mixed in there, too (centuries ago there was a Muslim settlement in Italy near my grandgather's village, and....). I could justifiably check white, or other, but I'd like to be able to be a little more specific.

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Thanks for your feedback. Identity is an evolving issue. Our profile questions are not perfect and I appreciate your prompt for us to continue to make them better.


Thanks, Daryl. The site is so valuable to so many people, and you and the folks who participate are great--my only regret is I didn't discover it until after I was well under way in my own "adventure".

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