Long time Malecare support group member and prostate cancer advocate Eric died on March 2, 2017. Eric and I had been working on a way to memorialize his many postings in a way that would hep people, even after his death. Please feel encouraged to download the PDF that Eric and I created, here: bit.ly/2lOCVPV You are free to distribute this, without altering any of the content. The PDF has quotes from Eric that he wanted to share after his death. Darryl

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  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! Whenever one of us dies, I get a lump in my throats and the tears well up. Reading Eric's words made me smile. The couple of times I talked with him on the phone, I didn't quite know what to say, but I'm sure glad I made those calls. Rest, well, Eric. You earned it, and you have my respect.


  • Hi Yost Please feel free to post the link to the PDF on the other forums that Eric and you are part of....I would do so, myself, but I don't want to seem as a spammer.

  • Thanks you for posting this, Darryl.

  • Thank you kindly for helping put this together, Darryl. I didn't know him, but some of Eric's words made me cry. I needed that emotional release. It was positive. It doesn't need stating how clearly difficult it is to face the final stages of APC. Eric shows us that it can be done with courage, dignity and grace.

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