pain during anal intercourse

I had RP 2 months ago. Anal sex as a bottom is giving me more pain than before. Will this normalize with time? Thanks for your help.

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  • I think you should wait a couple of months more before bottoming - you don't want those nice new stitches to rip.

  • Agreed. Patience is part of healing. Wounds are libido agnostic.

  • the pain that you didn't used to have before the RP is a sign that something has not yet healed--you need to wait longer before resuming anal intercourse

  • I agree with everyone! I'm surprised you tried already because I waited at least 6 months! Be careful.

  • Thanks to everybody for your helpful replies. Actually both my urologist and GP told me it was ok to have anal sex. I am ok with short sessions (no pain), but will definitely wait for longer ones. Thanks again to everybody and have a great day. Greetz from Berlin. Steven