Prostate Cancer And Gay Men
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My most recent update

Best to everyone. PCA is no joke. Now I am taking enzalutamide via patient access, after a fair amount of arm wrestling with my medicare part D drug insurance company (hate them?) and trying to track what the patient access provider is actually doing at any given time. Now that we're over that hump, I am getting excellent results from enzalutamide, dropping my rise in PSA from 17 back to 0.85, then down to 0.08. My side effects are minimal, although at times I am just fatigued/aching enough to pretty much put me out of handling daily life activities for a while. So far I'm not having the dramatic, toxic side effects I read about, and thank goodness for that. In a way, I am already living on borrowed time since I am into the sixth year of hormone blocker treatment, with each round of drugs lasting almost twice as long as the statistical average. Sure puts a crimp in dating, huh? Oh well.

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