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I went to a new doctor who should be a NEW styled Penal Implant. THe new on has a very small resevoir that fits WAY UP into the scotum which is not detectable by palpation from the outside. The OLD ONE has a huge resevoir pump about the size of a testicle and it appears a guy has 3 balls. NOT COOL. In addition , this penal implant can be removed. CON: Prostate surgery a guys cock is reduced by at least ONE INCH. INstalling the penal implant a guy loses another INCH to 1 1/2 inches more. NOT COOL. I have tried all the usual ED meds and nothing..not even a semi hard on. If I had to do this over, I would never had the surgery. I would much rather had a full life, the one filled with functional and social limitations.

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  • I have talked with others that are very pleased with their implant. The main thing is do your homework and make sure you pick a doctor that has a lot of experience with doing implant surgery. Find out how many they have done and what their infection rate has been. I am told Dr. Palone in Madison, Wisconsin is one of the best. I am not familiar of the new implant you speak . Sounds very promising.

  • What you have described is what I had implanted this year. As for loosing inches, that did not happen to me. Only 1/2 inch. My implant was the best decision that I had made. My sex life has returned.

  • Hi Vitruviusman- I think you mentioned in a recent post that you have tried the injection for ED. I am having my first one on Wednesday in my surgeon's office and hoping that the experience is not too weird or painful. Are there any tips you could share with me about the procedure itself and what to expect to happen etc.?

  • Mister Barkley, The penal injection for ED works immediately, little pain, the needle is tiny. Only draw backs: 1) very expensive 2) small bottle/liquid medicine MUST BE REFRIGERATED 3) Shelf life is only a month before gets old 4) The injection process is NOT too romantic and is interruptive 5) There is a little bleeding at injection site 6) Injections if done too many leaves scaring and black/blue marks on your cock.

  • Thanks for your reply, Vitruviusman and information. This all really sucks, doesn't it? But I guess we should be glad to be alive. I am dreading the embarrassment of this shot tomorrow, but I am ready to give it a try. I am in a relationship but the lack of a normal gay sex has changed things between us. We don't seem to have figured out an alternative intimacy. Sometimes I think it would be easier not to be in a relationship or be with a guy in the same circumstances. I certainly understand your issues about starting a relationship and having to explain the situation. But you seem and look like someone who any guy would be happy to be with. Sorry for the rambling. It is difficult to find someone to talk to about this stuff. I am dabbling at trying to start a support group in NJ. Wish you were around the corner for a cup of coffee. All the best to you and I would be interested to know if you decide to have the implant.

  • mineo.keith@gmail.com please write me off lone here

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