Prostate Cancer And Gay Men


Hi guys....had my surgery five years far everything is fine....I wear a pad during the day, a few leaks, but nothing real serious , it's my nighttime that is driving me crazy, I get up often, not sleeping well, and have had a few accidents, not liking when this happens, and it seems to be happening more often, I try not drinking after four in the afternoons....but it still happens, I wear a heavy pad at night, and sleep on a pad, hate this so much....I'm thinking this might get worse in time...just looking to see if others are having this issue....and what they have done about it......thanks

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Hi there Iam4allseasons,

I am 6 years out from my surgery, and I know what you are going through. I never thought that I would have to wear pads to bed and sleep on pads. Fortunately my problem did get better. I still sleep on pads as a precaution. What you might want to do is check into a condom catheter to wear at night, until you are able to get control of the situation. You can order every thing that you need on line. Worth thinking about and checking out on line. Hope that this helps.


Thanks, I am very aware of the condom Cath I hate thinking of having to wear that at nighttime ...but appreciate your suggestion....I wear a strong pad, and sleep on a pad, but it drives me crazy, getting up several times, and still at times have these accidents...I always slept naked, miss that so much, along with all the other issues...I'm just afraid as I get older these things will get worse...

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There could be other things you are drinking or eating late in the day or evening that are contributing to this--for example I discovered that spicy foods (like those my African friends love to eat and cook) don't seem to bother me much anymore, but mixed berries (including raspberries and others) cause nighttime leakage while blueberries do not. Alcohol not helpful, and carbonated beverages are also a problem. Try eliminating things one and at time and see if there is any difference.


Thanks, doing all of the above...trying hard not to drink after 3 or 4 at the latest..and also heavy's very much on my mind....getting up several times a night...losing sleep...hoping as I age things won't get worse....

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I had surgery three yrs ago and am having the same issues. I still wear a pad during the day and one at night. If I know I am going out for a long period of time, I wear the max strength men's underwear. Before and after surgery I did kegels on a regular basis; also went to therapy and was told I was doing them correctly. I do find that coffee, alcohol, fruit juicesand soft drinks are a trigger. I do take calias and a pill for bladder control. In general, I get up atleast three times per night to do pee. When I do out, it varies, but I usually can not go more than two hours without using the bathroom. My point in writing to you is to let you know that you are not alone in your concerns. I feel I am doing all the right things and still having problems. (FYI: I am 66 yrs old.)

I am planning to go to Israel for three weeks this November and it has been suggested that I get a botox shot before I leave. Will let you know how this works out.


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Hello, good luck on your trip, hope it's enjoyable for you, what is the Botox suppose to do....I no I'm not alone in this battle...but sure is hard to finds guys in the same situation in my area...I sure miss sleeping naked...

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