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Had a psa of 9.0 at the end of March then had another psa with a 6.6 first of may with a biopsy that came back negative. How soon can I have another biopsy? They have me on the books for September.

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Reasonable yes and no.

Reasonable because I have a friend in a similar situation and his urologist told him: "Come back next year". I advised my friend to fire him.

Unreasonable because to depend solely on biopsies (random surely, but even targeted) is a lousy tactic.

A wise person would have used all available diagnostic methods to reach a conclusion.

4 months, at least. There are risks involved in multiple biopsies. But that up and down pattern is a telltale sign of prostatitis, which is often asymptomatic and doesn't respond to antibiotics.

If you want more certainty, there is a test of the biopsy tissue you can ask for called Confirm MDx which is excellent at confirming that a negative biopsy is indeed negative:

In the future, get annual blood tests called Prostate Health Index (PHI) which is much better than ordinary PSA tests at ruling out benign causes:

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How soon could I do another psa test after the biopsy and would it be high because of the biopsy ?

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Wait 6 weeks to 3 months. Yes, biopsy will definitely make PSA soar.

Wait 6 weeks after biopsy and get an MRI of your prostate.

Get the next one when they're willing to knock you out.....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 05/18/2022 8:02 PM DST

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