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What is likely impact o 18 mos on ADT

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Lately I have become significantly more tired almost drowsy by 3PM. Weakness throughout body.

I Continue struggling with urinary frequency and urgency issues and have started using diapers to minimize embarrassment.

Up to this point have been active, 4-7 mi walking daily. Now I hardly do 2mi. Completed proton radiation in June 2020. PSA <0.1

My question is could this be the result of 18mos ADT and zytiga or should I start looking for a different source of my malaise.

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Fatigue is the biggest side effect of ADT and Zytiga.

To me it sounds like you're doing well to be able to walk 2 mi/day! Every bit of exercise is valuable.


did your urinary problems begin when you began radiation + ADT, or did the problems begin before radiation and have continued to worsen with time? You are 80 and , even with ADT, still doing 2 miles daily...great. Much better than people much younger......I'm 73 , and thought my 2-3 miles per day was a good effort. All I know is that I don't see a great number of folks at any age making such an effort... and being unable to do that would be extremely depressing for me!!

Have you experienced other significant changes/problems associate with the radiation + ADT treatment? I have read that adverse consequences increase with age at time of treatment.

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Urinary issues surfaced after radiation but then slowly got better. I had Covid in Nov and that definitely aggravated my urinary problems. Got booster last month [Moderna] and that again increased urinary issues and physically brought me down. Throughout 2020/21 I walked 4-5mi daily but it took 6mos to rebuild stamina after Covid.

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Correction: Urinary problems started before Proton/ADT. They are what prompted doctor visit which showed PSA of 96and started me down this whole path.

Agree with TA. It can be bone crushing fatigue and, for me, often occurred without any prior exertion. It was frequent and depressing. The only thing that ever worked for me was exercise (and I'm no gym person); it seemed to soften the impact of the fatigue but not sure it did much to mitigate muscle mass loss. Not fun. Good luck to you.


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