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What post-prostatectomy PSA level is considered "undetectable?"

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As many have noted, Labcorp has recently changed their lower limit of detection from .014 back to .006. While my last few results were <.014, I decided to get a test for my 10-year post-op anniversary and my reading came back as .008. No "<" since .008 is obviously higher than .006. Many studies I've seen cited here and elsewhere seem to define "undetectable as < or = .03. In the past, Tall Allen has written that anything under .03 is fine. Is that still the current thinking?

Thanks and wishing all here the best!

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It's still my current thinking. Congratulations!

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Thanks for the congrats and the quick reply!

It's problematic to use ultra-sensitive PSA testing... It's noise! Drop the third digit as it serves no useful diagnostic purpose. Just a suggestion.

Most literature and my doctor(s) have noted that the level of 0.05ng post Surgery where the entire Prostate has been removed is the threshold for recurrence. Of course, considering an "action" level of PSA may be entirely different and I don't disagree with TA that a slightly lower level is a good place to start paying attention and kicking everything into high gear as the early bird gets the worm ;)

Lastly, it's encouraging to see that 10 years post RP your numbers are still so low. You should be celebrating rather than worrying! The biggest thing to see is PSA Doubling Time in your case aside from just the fact that the numbers might be moving. You still have a ways to go. For example, if your current rate remained the same, in another 10 years your PSA would still be too low for even the most sensitive scans to work on your behalf! The anxiety this disease creates is sometimes worse than everything else we have to deal with. Anyways...

Wishing you good luck!

Best Regards

Two years here and just did my test yesterday for follow up. <.05. I do wonder if I ever will not feel angst as I periodically refresh the patient portal.

Live well ! 👏👏🥳

I have had ultra PSAs at Labcorp for past 3 years after RP, last time it was .018 , the years before it was <.014 , now at 3.5 years my uro asked me to switch to Quest as 98% Of his other patients had Quest and he was good with, and used to , seeing <.02 on all their undetectable results, so I said ok, just got results Back of <.02 as well with the Quest lab, so made him, and me happy, I think Labcorp still has the cutoff of .014 , but he likes the ‘<‘ and so do I, so is it true Labcorp is reducing it down even lower again? But Quest is staying at .02? once again is the jury out?there’s a lot of opinions, noise, etc , but is that third digit really doing that much for psa testing ?

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