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Rise in PSA

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I am sorry if this is repetitive. I am having trouble navigating this site.

This is my brothers history. Hoping this can be a recent bounce in psa that will be lower next time.

Diagnosed in June 2017 at 55

Brca1 family

psa 4.56

2 or 4 out of 12 cores positive

Gleason 4 + 3 by urologist

Surgeon said can be a 5 from slides hard to tell 5 from 4

Had Hormone therapy - Lupron

Now on IMRT since November

Decision for the amount of time on hormone therapy after I think depends on latest statistics at the time

he finishes radiation

Not going to have BRACHY

no scans done - Insurance wouldn't cover

Started Radiation, then ADT about September 2017.

psa was .1 Then, .333 for a while. Now .59

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As I said, it is too soon to investigate recurrence. He will have to monitor PSA every 3 months. If it goes over 2.0, that is called a biochemical recurrence (BCR). However, some radiation oncologists use a lower bar (say 1.0) if the pattern is steady or is rapid. If he has a BCR, he can get a PSMA PET scan to check for distant metastases, and an mpMRI of the prostate to see if there is a local recurrence.

Thank you. I feel more hopeful

You should be aware that benign bounces are common:


I enjoyed reading. I read a lot in 2017. It has been a while.

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