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Surgery went well

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Hi all, yesterday I had my prostate surgery, I am still in hospital and maybe going home today, I actually feel good and have eaten also managed to get some sleep, brilliant nurses, doctors and surgeon, I still have a lot to overcome but small steps, I will get there,

Regards, Pete xxx

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Ahhh the memories brought on by this photo. I did not believe I would go home until they forced me to get out of bed and walk the hospital halls. 2 laps later I felt like a new man and walked out that afternoon.You look great! Best wishes with your result and God Bless.

Best wishes!

My standard advice for post RP:

Don't have the catheter removed before anastomosis tightness is verified by a cystography (x-raying of the cyst while externally being flooded). I had my RP in Germany and there they don't leave things to chance. Otherwise, I would had been in a very dire situation. It took me a whole month for anastomosis to seal/heal. And it isn't such a rare occurrence. Literature mentions a 5-15% occurrence depending on surgeon's skills.

Glad to hear that you’re through the surgery. Go easy on yourself, as you say small steps!


Good luck!

Wish you all the best. I left the next morning, happy to get away from a room mate recovering from spine surgery and moaning in pain all night. That was December 2019. I remain well with undetectable PSA.

You made it Pete! it’s all gonna be good now, I went home next day and soon was walking in the park with the catheter under the pants for a week or two , your next leap is putting up with it a bit , healing up some, and then getting the cat out, and then things will be a lot better once again, no doubt pathology report will be back soon, and you’ll know even more , it’s behind you now

congrats Pete!

Speedy recovery my friend!

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