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Any info on Li-ESWT ( shock wave sound therapy for ED)

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Li-ESWT? My urologist has suggested sound or shock wave therapy is a possible avenue to address my post radiation treatment ED. OP I am 2 years post treatment. I have been reading up on it and it appears there's 6 different machines that are used that work in slightly different ways and that the medical literature is sort of mixed as to whether any of it actually would work. Since it would not be covered by insurance is a couple grand or close to it I'm trying to decide whether it's worth pursuing. If anyone has any personal experience or insight into into this I would appreciate all info

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It hasn't tested well for ED from RP.

Have you seen anything recent re radiation rather than RP? I had external +brachy...

No, sorry.

Does tri-mix work?

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Thank you for this reference!

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